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New Year is the time of year which is celebrated as one of the biggest festivals all over the world. People are always so damn excited for this & they plan out how they would celebrate New Year eve. Everyone wishes to bid farewell to the year coming to end as well as welcome the year coming ahead, in a memorable style. Everyone wishes to spend New Year with their loved ones & in such a way that they remember this time always as the best moments of life. Themed New Year Parties add up to the charm of normal New Year parties. Themed parties refer to planning out décor, outfit styles, food, drinks & amusement activities etc for party a week or so before. Themes for party can be many as given below.

New Year theme: One theme can be basic New Year Theme, in which we can decorate our home with everything related to New Year.  A family & friends get together can be planned out. The convenient package can be decided according to your pocket & number of persons to be invited can be planned accordingly. New Year party hats can be given to hats. Some noise maker devices, snow sprays etc. DJ can even be set up along with dance floor.

Farm House Parties: Places which are in the outer of city or country side are great to plan out a get together or parties. Farm house parties are an excellent example of this. If you or your friend owns a farm house, then this could be the best New Year eve party venue. A common means of transport like a cab or bus can be hired for everyone to leave for farmhouse together. This helps guests to spend more time with each other, play some games & know each other in a better way.

Movies Themed Party: This is one of the best & evergreen ideas for New Year eve party. Dressing up as your favorite movie character makes everyone feel special as well as excited at the same time. Red carpet can be used at entrance, which gives everyone a star like feeling. Cocktail setup can add up to beauty of party as people can interact with each other well while having drinks. Games can be played like truth & dare, quiz about favorite stars etc. An award show can be added up to this theme to make the party theme more realistic.

Masquerade: Themes in which everyone wears masks. This party is actually made awesome by making it a masquerade ball. Your home can be decorated with heart balloons on the floor, candle lighting all over, bachelorette party props & much more. Last but the most important element, the Mardi Gras Masks should be kept first on your to do list. Tell the guests to dress accordingly, that makes them look more awesome with masks. Create an attractive menu of simple & sober food items. Make the atmosphere more beautiful by serving champagne cocktails on the arrival of guests.

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