how yoga increase or maintain your natural beauty

How Yoga Increase or Maintain your Natural Beauty

Natural beauty is not about being fair but of glowing skin, calm mind and soul, and cheerful face which in today’s world is only a prodigy of few. With our craving to attain that fairness, we start applying expensive creams which causes us more harm rather than good, and worst of all our today’s lifestyle is putting the more harmful impact on the skin, like premature wrinkles and dark spots. Stress, unhealthy lifestyle, drug addiction, unhealthy food choices, and smoking etc are real culprits. Acne is another major skin problem among women of all age groups.

However getting that glow and freshness on the skin is not also difficult, we only have to bring in changes in our lifestyle, food habits and best of all start doing yoga.

Yoga asanas improve blood circulation towards the head and face area which gives skin the natural toning. Some of the asanas like cobra pose, plow pose, shoulder stand, triangle pose, child pose and fish pose etc increase the circulation of the blood to the head which gives skin its natural glow.

Read in detail how Yoga helps in getting you glowing Skin

Improves blood circulation

Inverted poses and forward bends give a rosy glow to the skin, the increases the blood circulation to the nerves helps in renewing the cells. If your skin is dull and your face shows tiredness, the asanas like Bhujangasana (cobra pose), Fish pose, Plow pose, shoulder stand, triangle pose and child pose. You would get the unimaginable glow on the skin.

Decrease the level of toxins

Yoga also reduces the level of toxins. Combine the above-mentioned asanas with rigorous vinyasa flow with a couple of rounds of sun salutation, to build your body temperature; you would sweat all the toxin level from the body. Increase in blood circulation and the bit of perspiration can completely clean the system and skin.

Tones the Skin

Facial Yoga is best for the skin. With age, we tend to reduce the skin elasticity and muscles get slack but when we do only a few minutes of facial yoga, muscles get strengthen which would help to increase blood flow on the skin.

Purifies the Oxygen

Some of the poses like a camel pose or triangle pose are best to give the glow to the skin as they flood the skin with oxygen by opening the lungs, heart, and chest. This oxygen-rich blood provides nutrients directly on the skin’s surface. Deep and forceful breathing with Kapalbhati also increases the oxygen flow and rejuvenate the skin cells.

Reduces stress

Some of the pranayama or breathing exercises particularly women who are suffering from oily skin include premature wrinkling, reduce elasticity, gets tired appearance and breakouts. Restorative Yoga poses give relaxation to the body and clear the mind which in turn reduces the stress level. It also gives good sleep which is further good for the skin. It is best to have eight hours of sleep before bedtime.

Improves digestive system

Yoga improves our digestion which indirectly tones and clears the skin from all the toxins and gives glow on the dull skin. All the skin nutrients are absorbed in the digestive tract and unhealthy lifestyle and food cause breakdown and dullness on the skin. By keeping this part of the body working properly we can get clear and vibrant skin tone. Do the combination of binds and twisting poses which tones and massages digestive system, perform the detoxification process and keep the movement of the digestive tract smooth.

Balances the hormones

Yoga balances the hormone inside the body and helps to regulate the same. Asanas like camel pose, cobra pose, etc stimulate the hormones producing glands and retain their balance.

Emotional Cleansing

Yoga helps in removing the blocked energy, and emotions which you have been retaining for many years. Retaining the negative emotions blocked can cause stress and depression which in turn increases cortisol in the blood and causes skin pigmentation and acne. While doing yoga poses the emotional is released and you would feel much energized, happier and healthier to gain youthful appearance.

Reduces the acne problem

For some women, acne gets problematic particularly for women who are suffering from oily skin. Cooling pranayama especially breathing exercises like sheetali and sheetkari generates cooling effect thus enabling skin to regain its glow.

Besides, you should meditate twice a day for at least ten minutes every day. The more you meditate the more radiation you would get on the skin. Also, do the facial massage to reduce stress, and get instant relaxation. Also, avoid eating oily food and add fruits and vegetables to your daily diet.

Overall yoga asanas, pranayama, meditation, good sleep and proper food, when applied in combination, can get you glowing and smooth skin and you can learn these asanas through yoga teacher training India.

Summary: The above article is about how with yoga you can get the naturally glowing skin making you young, healthy and beautiful.

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