top reasons why germany needs to be on your study abroad list

Top reasons why Germany needs to be on your Study Abroad List

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Challenging for some of the finest universities in the world, students have been targeting foreign universities to grab the proper amount of knowledge and skills in their deemed field. A delusional decision for most of the students, choosing a university according to their needs, finances and ranking layers upon them a drastic mind-game with only a few clues. Studying abroad has its own merits and demerits, and choosing a good educational platform over one’s home takes a lot of courage, mind-making, and management.

While applying to universities and colleges, there are a lot of factors that affect a student’s decision. A paradise for most of the students, Germany provides an ample amount of opportunities for students across the globe with countless courses to choose amongst some of the highly ranked universities in the world. Education is not the only thing that attracts some of the students, the diverse culture of the country and the vibrant lifestyle clubbed with the long and rich history of the country has been a major factor too. Germany is the most comfortable option for a foreign individual and a lot of factors support the argument.

Universities that rank amongst the best

The official statistics of 2018 highlight the fact that 429 Public institutions are functioning in Germany and are well-versed with higher education services and opportunities. Grabbing the attention of the students all across the world are the top-ranked universities in the country that provide education on a tuition fee that is almost negligible. Well equipped with top-class faculty and research labs, the universities in Germany not only provide excellence in educational services but there are a lot of co-curricular factors that rank up the universities. A friendly environment clubbed with world-class educational facilities, Germany ranks amongst the top places for students to receive higher education in numerous fields.

Low or No Tuition fee and Affordable living

The increased competition amongst professionals and the growing industry standards have enchanted upon the students to go for higher education for a better living and the most important factor affecting the choice of a student while opting for a foreign university is the cost of living or the tuition fees of the university. A grateful decision in 2014 that changed the course of the education system in the country was the policy that freed the international students from paying the normal tuition fees, leaving a few administrative costs to be paid by an international student. The cost of living in the country is also quite affordable and with proper budget management, a student can go for higher education with not much being spent from the pocket.

Exploring the continent on a student visa

A major factor that affects the decision for most of the students worldwide is the reputation of the country along with the location, history and landscape of the same. Amongst the long list of benefits for a German University student is the opportunity to go around Europe without any additional requirement. The German student Visa allows the students to work across the European continent on a student visa.

Work and study for International students

Germany is amongst the few countries that allow international students to work part-time for their living and survival in the country. Allowed to work 20 hours a week, International students find a way to earn their daily costs while studying. Part-time job experience can help them in the placement season and students can learn how to manage their time and money. A country that provides a sufficient amount of opportunities, Germany is a country that fits the bill perfectly for a student who wants to sharpen the existing skills while developing plenty of new ones.

A new and interesting language

To be admitted to be a German University, it requires the student to well versed in the native language. The admission in Germany requires certification of Intermediate German language certificate and learning German has its own benefits and learning a new language highlights on a vast room full of opportunities. Learning German has its own benefits and one of them is easy communication in the continent as Germany is one of the most widely spoken languages in Europe.

Leaving the home for a foreign country is not an easy task as it involves a lot more than planning your finances and coping with the Visa offices. Adapting to the cultural and regional habits of a country takes time and involves a lot of challenges. While traveling abroad to a foreign country, there are factors that take a toll on your mental as well as physical health. Go through this personality quiz to know which country is the best fit for you. It will help you to plan your trip abroad.

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