reclaiming your former physique: 5 ways how young moms can get back into shape

Reclaiming Your Former Physique: 5 Ways How Young Moms Can Get Back into Shape

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Being a young mom surely has its perks. However, one of the struggles with having children young, or having a baby at any age for that matter, is feeling comfortable with your post-baby body. The younger you are when you have your first baby, the more intimidating it might be for you to give up your current physique.

Sagging skin, weight gain, and stretch marks are just some of the things growing and giving birth to a child can do to a woman. On the bright side, getting back in shape is always an option if you consider the following tips.

1. Change up Your Diet

Shortly after giving birth, one of the last things you’ll be looking forward to is consuming rich, healthy foods. Feeling fatigued, you’re probably aiming for quick fast food, not quality, home-cooked meals. Although, making changes to your diet is important in getting back into shape. Meal planning and meal prep will be your best friends.

2. Stay Hydrated

Drinking plenty of water is just one way to shed the extra pounds after having a baby as water boosts your metabolism. But it’s not just about staying hydrated but also ensuring you’re drinking water at the right times. In fact, a study found that those who drink two cups of water before eating lose more weight than those who don’t.

3. Join an Exercise Class

Getting in physical shape can be difficult after giving birth, especially when you feel like your little one has to be attached to your hip at all times. You may also be opposed to exercising right after giving birth if you’re generally exhausted, dealing with postpartum depression, or still physically recovering after natural birth or a cesarean section.

However, joining an exercise class rather than working out on your own can not only get you into a workout routine but also get you back into socialization, which can boost your mood. Consider joining an exercise class designed especially for new mothers, and when your baby gets older, consider mother-and-baby exercise classes.

4. Hire a Personal Trainer

Some people exercise best when they work with a professional one-on-one, especially if they have a lot to learn about losing weight and gaining muscle. Some certified personal trainers specialize in post-natal fitness to help moms of all ages safely get their body back in ways that physically and mentally work for them.

5. Go on Daily Walks

A simple way to get back into shape slowly but surely is to go on daily walks, preferably in the early mornings or in the evenings close to sunset. Walking daily not only helps keep you physically fit inside and out but can also help with stress, anxiety, or depression that a new mother may be struggling with.

If you don’t have anyone to watch your baby while you go out on a walk, bring your little one along in a stroller. While you might not be getting a break from your infant, getting outside for some fresh air and new surroundings can be reviving for a burnt-out, exhausted mother.


After giving birth, a mother’s priority is caring for the new life she’s brought into the world. However, especially for young moms, they might worry whether or not they’ll regain their “old” body back. Making diet changes, staying hydrated, joining an exercise class, hiring a personal trainer, and going on walks are all ways to get back into shape.

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  1. Nice post! Staying hydrated is key for everything, not only keeping yourself satiated but for overall health and energy as well.

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