never buy a tv wall mount before considering these factors

Never Buy a TV Wall Mount Before Considering these Factors

The traits of a comfortable TV watching experience at any place is greatly dependent on several factors. One would want to buy the highest resolution screen with a quality HD display, adding in the real-tech hi-definition picture quality and several other specifications. But, in all this sometimes people forget some trivial things that affect the TV watching performance. Out of all these, the most ignored is the TV wall mount. A TV wall mount is a stand that is responsible for holding the TV against the wall. Many people, underestimating its significance, do not give more time to consider the type of TV wall mount to buy. For buying it, there are several factors to consider and so many factors that dictate the decision. First and foremost being the size of the TV. Many people choose to just mount their television set on the pedestal stand they come with. That may be a good idea if you have a table high enough to raise the television to your eye level. But, TV wall mounts are still a lot more preferable. When you decide to buy a wall mount, you will be given several choices and you would be confused which to pick. So, to help you out with your quest of a TV wall mount, here I bring you the perfect buying guide.

I have listed down things to know before finalizing a suitable one:

Compatible with the TV

Television sets are generally manufactured keeping in mind the VESA guidelines. All television sets have standard dimensions decided by the VESA guidelines. Thus, all the TV wall mounts follow the same dimensions as well. When you choose a wall mount for your TV, you just have to ensure that the wall mounts follow the VESA guidelines and can fit the television set easily.

The TV size and weight

Various Television sets have varying sizes. With varying sizes, comes varying weights. Now, the TV wall mount you pick has to be capable of bearing the weight of the whole TV set on itself. You do not want the wall mount buckling under the TV weight or tilting and skewing due to the unproportionate size. A wall mount needs to be sturdy enough to be able to bear the weight of the whole TV and hold it against the wall. If this is not kept in mind while choosing a TV wall mount, you are risking that the TV getting damaged or even broken beyond repair.

The type of wall mount

With so many varieties in television sets, it is more than expected that the TV wall mounts come in a vast variety is types and styles as well. To generally diversify, there are four types of TV wall mount types. All these mounts vary based on the way they project the TV towards the viewer. You can take you pick based on your preference of alignment of the TV and your eyes and the layout of your room. Make sure that your choices are based on due consideration to all the factors of room layout as the type of TV wall mount defines the comfort of your TV watching experience up to a great extent. Think about what you need your bracket to do. TV wall mounts range from basic fixed mount designs to nearly unlimited flexibility.

These are the types:

  • Fixed wall mount
  • Tilt wall mount
  • Swivel wall mount
  • Ceiling mount

All these above listed suggestions and consideration will guide you through the tour of choosing the ideal TV wall mount for your TV set. If you are too confused on which type to pick, I would recommend you ask the experts for some suggestions.

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