meaningful family thanksgiving bonding activities you must try

Meaningful Family Thanksgiving Bonding Activities You Must Try

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Although the food on Thanksgiving often takes center stage, many other holiday activities need to be completed before and after the meal. Pay attention to the faces gathered around the large bird when your extended family or chosen family comes together to celebrate the holiday. You’ll need some entertaining activities to keep the crew entertained while waiting to carve the turkey and pass the pumpkin pie because Thanksgiving Day can be a marathon, not a sprint.

Many of us do this by watching Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade or playing a friendly game of touch football. However, look no further if you want to start a new Thanksgiving tradition to spice up the festivities this year. We’ve compiled a list of fun, funny, and awesome family bonding activities to do on Thanksgiving Day that everyone can enjoy, from grandma to the youngest cousins.

Family Thanksgiving Bonding Activities:


1. Hosting A Mini Pumpkin Hunt

Adults can enjoy the Easter egg hunt as much as children do by finding clever places to hide the eggs beforehand. However, don’t just enjoy hunting in the spring! Let the kids loose in the yard to find all the small pumpkins or gourds you’ve hidden in a place of the eggs. When they’re all found, they can serve as a centerpiece.

2. Bingo For Thanksgiving

A rousing game of holiday bingo is the definition of a classic. Download free printable Thanksgiving Day-themed cards from the internet to add a festive twist to the game. To fill in the squares, you can use pieces from other board games, hard candies, buttons, or even coins.

3. Pages To Color For Thanksgiving

Coloring is not only a soothing activity for both kids and adults, but it also produces a holiday decoration for the fridge. All will enjoy these coloring pages with a gratitude theme, and they will encourage everyone to concentrate on what matters most.

4. Ring Toss With Candy Corn Is Fun

For a festive fall version of horseshoes, grab some spray paint and decorate some miniature emergency cones. To keep the kids occupied while the adults finish the meal, divide the entire group into teams and set them up in the driveway or backyard.

5. Run A Wild Thanksgiving Sock Competition

Socks that showcase your passion for the big bird will have you tapping your toes. There are many options available online, so present yourself in the best light and ask your family or friends to do the same.

Thanksgiving Sock Competition

6. Get The Family Photo Albums Out

Bring out old family photos and gather the kids to reminisce. Seeing photos of past births, weddings, and vacations is bound to evoke precious memories and the stories that go with them.

7. Develop A Family Tree

Create a family tree to remember your relationship when everyone comes together for a holiday. Experts assert that children who are aware of their family history are happier and have higher self-esteem; with this hands-on project, teaching kids their family history couldn’t be simpler. It will be even more personalized if everyone’s fingerprints are used in place of the leaves. To give this craft a Thanksgiving twist, choose red and orange ink.

8. Thanksgiving Trivia 

Test your group’s comprehension of Thanksgiving trivia to spark some friendly competition. You’ll enjoy watching everyone become enraged over history, and you might even pick up a few new facts. You can buy cheap Turkey Day trivia cards on Etsy or make your own.

9. From A to Z, Express Your Gratitude

To keep the conversation going at the table, ask everyone what they’re grateful for in a unique way. The first answer must begin with A, followed by B, and so on throughout the alphabet. Begin brainstorming your answers for the trickier letters right away!

10. Play A Game Of Gratitude

With this free printable, you can keep everyone’s attention on the reason for the season. It makes asking everyone what they’re thankful for even more enjoyable and encourages people to be more creative in their responses. If you don’t want to spoil anyone’s appetite, use game pieces instead of candy.

Play A Game Of Gratitude

11. Prepare A Thanksgiving Dessert

Who says the entire family can’t pitch in on the big meal? Bake some Thanksgiving-themed cookies and let the kids decorate them, or enlist the help of grandma in rolling out pie dough or frosting a cake. Many hands make light (and tasty) work.

12. Bowling At Harvest

Get enough hay bales from your local hardware or gardening store to make your driveway or backyard bowling lane. After you’ve finished making strikes and spares, it doubles as decor. Just remember to bring some bowling pins with you!

13. Turkey Tag Game

When you play turkey tag, things can get heated. When family members aren’t looking, attach this adorable DIY turkey clip to their clothing, and when they do, it’s their turn to do the same.

14. Enjoy A Movie Marathon

After a Thanksgiving meal, the only thing you can do is sit on the couch. Make it a fun movie night by selecting a family holiday classic or experimenting with a new holiday film. You can make it a tradition to watch at least one similar movie each year.

15. Make It A Picnic For Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is still a warm day in many parts of the country, not too cold to be uncomfortable. Take advantage of the pleasant weather by turning your annual feast into a picnic. Either pick a location special to your family or venture somewhere new. It makes cleanup much simpler and can be made as elaborate or straightforward as you like. Since you’re already there, you can play beach volleyball, throw a frisbee, or go for a walk afterward.

Make It A Picnic For Thanksgiving



Thanksgiving is renowned as the occasion when we assemble at the table with relatives from near and far, give thanks, and enjoy a delicious meal. Thanksgiving can still be a memorable and special day, even if you celebrate at home, especially if your children are involved. Thanksgiving greetings! Enjoy the day with your young turkeys!

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