incredible places of the world to visit before they disappear

Incredible Places Of The World To Visit Before They Disappear

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Who does not love to explore the world and the incredible beauties of the places? Couples like to go on romantic vacations, friends visit adventurous places, and families plan for great places according to kids and seniors. No one wants to miss any amazing places to visit. However, due to immense climate changes, not only human lives are affected, some places have been affected and are getting affected. According to many environmentalists, these places could vanish in the near future.

Moreover, when you visit these places you do not only destress yourself with astounding beauty. You contribute to their preservation. Some organisations accept donations and use those funds to preserve these places for more years. Therefore, you fund many more visitors who may get the chance to visit these places before they vanish. 

Amazing Places To See Before They Disappear


Let’s begin planning your next destination to visit with your family, friends or love. Believe us, you will love reading this blog about the places which may vanish shortly. 

1. The Great Barrier Reef, Australia

It is one of its kind. You can not get such vibrant colours under the ocean anywhere else on the Earth. It stretches over 2,000 kilometres. This place is a must-visit, especially for those who love coastal areas and oceans. If you are one of them you can relate to the beauty we are talking about. 

Unfortunately, the Great Barrier Reef is now an endangered place and extremely affected by climate change. 

If you remember the bleaching accident in the Great Barrier Reef in 2016-2017, the new corals have plunged about 80%. So, if you want to see this phenomenal place once in your lifetime, you should not delay much. 


2. The Maldives

The country is located off the coast in the Indian Ocean. It is quite famous for its underwater ecosystem, turquoise water, and white sand beaches that make the Maldives a must-visit. 

No matter if you plan the trip with friends, family, or your partner. This place is suitable for anyone and everyone. Its beauty lies in its beaches and the 1190 coral islands. Moreover, the temperature (81 F to 84 F) will not be a problem as well. And, it is just a few feet above the sea making it the lowest-lying country on the Earth. 

With so many goods, some bads are there too. According to NASA and US Geological Survey, 80% of the Maldives is expected to become non-habitual. Although no one can know how much time the Maldives has, if you are a lover of coastal areas, you must visit this country very soon.

3. Venice

Venice is on everyone’s bucket list due to its one of a kind floating city. However, we must accept the fact that the uniqueness of this city will not stay for a longer time. 

The water levels of these two rivers (Brenta and Sile) that makes Venice a floating city is sinking by 1-2 millimetres every year due to natural tectonic processes and elevated sea levels.

Moreover, the historic canals of Venice are already dried up, which is a big threat to the city’s main attraction – Gondola rides. It could be a huge loss to the Venice tourism industry if Gondola rides are stopped and the tag of a floating city is removed from the city. Plan your trip until it has its natural presence.


4. Glacier National Park

If you are a nature lover, then you must know about Glacier National Park. Its natural beauty and immaculate environment justify its fame. In 2021, almost 170,277 people visited Glacier National Park which unfortunately harmed more than doing good to the place. 

No wonder the place would have earned a great amount. However, the inflow of visitors is quite higher than its natural capacity. Consequently, the park is swiftly losing its glaciers. 

According to the U.S. Geological Survey and Portland State University, more than 39 glaciers in Montana have already lost 85% of their natural structure since 1966 due to climate change.

Therefore, you must plan for this place but do not forget to be a responsible citizen of the Earth. Visit when it is less crowded to preserve its beauty for more years than expected (by 2030).

5. The Great Wall Of China

The structure is considered the ‘pride of humanity’ as it is the largest structure made by humans to date. Unfortunately, the site now comes in endangered places. Due to humans’ exploitation such as plundering bricks for personal use, making graffiti paintings and climatic changes the Great Wall of China is now in a poor condition. 

However, it is being restored but it is not possible without the help of funds and donations. Thus, you must plan a visit to not only travel exploration but 

to contribute to its restoration.

The Great Wall of China

In The End


Travelling is good but try to travel to different places every time. Moreover, the places that are about to disappear. The way we think before spending money on things, we should plan our travel destinations. Make a rule that you will visit at least one new place every year (include places to see before they disappear) and make your travel diaries more dynamic. For more travel-related blogs, keep visiting us.

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