best ways to remodel your bathroom on a budget

Best Ways To Remodel Your Bathroom On A Budget

Don’t despair if you’re contemplating a bathroom makeover and have champagne fantasies but just a jug-wine budget. Building experts and do-it-yourself remodelers may employ not-so-big building and not-so-big remodeling techniques to create distinctive rooms that don’t break the budget with a bit of imaginative thought.

Bathrooms are one of the most significant rooms to renovate in the house since they add the greatest value, therefore upgrading one on a budget may make a big difference in how much your property is worth.

A deliberate approach is required when dealing with a limited budget. Don’t worry if you can’t buy top-of-the-line everything. Instead, reserve your money for crucial elements that will pay off handsomely in terms of improved beauty and comfort – as well as increased interest from future purchasers. We’ve compiled seven of our best recommendations for bathroom remodeling for beginners on a budget, based on our professional experience.

Best Ways To Remodel Your Bathroom On A Budget

1. Plan Out Your Design, Budget, And Timeframe Ahead Of Time

A good strategy and funding are required for every home improvement project. It not only provides you and your laborer with a guideline to follow and adhere to, but it also means you will have a better knowledge of the overall project expenses.

While some projects may go over budget due to unanticipated situations, having a budget allows you to easily keep track of all expenditures, even if some sections go over budget. Without a budget in place, it is simple to overspend on items and fail to recognize the true cost of the project.

Plan Out Your Design, Budget, And Timeframe Ahead Of Time

2. Improve On What You Already Have

If you’re on a limited budget, changing some of the hardware and furnishings in your bathroom is a quick and easy way to lighten up the space and make a big impact. Changing handles, taps, lights, drains, towel racks, and toilet roll holders may quickly modernize a room and give it fresh air. Several cheap and economical options appear modern and will create a new look.

3. Keep The Plumbing In Place

Labor is one of the most expensive components of a bathroom, therefore if your bathroom redesign is labor-heavy, the total cost will be higher. One of our best ideas for lowering expenses is to leave all prior plumbing and pipes in place. When you decide to modify the position of toilets, sinks, and showers, the cost of the redesign rises since pipes must be relocated to suit these modifications.

If you only want to replace the toilet, sink, and shower or bath, buying new ones and putting them precisely where the old ones were can allow for a much faster and less expensive bathroom renovation.

4. Apply A Fresh Layer Of Paint To The Space

A new coat of paint may go a long way toward revitalizing and brightening a place. If you are unable to renovate your entire bathroom at once or simply want to assist enhance its appearance, this will make a significant impact.

Painting the walls, for instance, will eliminate scuff marks and wear and tear while also bringing out the room’s potential. You may also temporarily paint tiles to help modernize them until you are ready to redo the entire bathroom.

Apply A Fresh Layer Of Paint To The Space

5. Consider Going Green

If you want to keep the savings going after you renovate your bathroom, implementing greener, water-saving technology will assist to make your home more efficient by saving water and money in the long term.

Choosing low-flow shower heads, toilets, and sinks will help you save water, money, and the environment over time. It may also increase your EPC rating, which buyers consider when purchasing a home.

6. Showerheads

“Spend your money on a high-quality showerhead. That is what others will notice.” Rain-jet showerheads, for example, may make a large aesthetic effect while also feeling terrific. However, before you spend a lot of money on pricey fittings, be sure that the homeowner’s water won’t clog the system. When water quality is dubious, invest in a treatment system first. Hard water, particularly untreated well water, can leave behind flow-blocking deposits, so invest in a treatment system first.

7. In The Tub Or Shower, Use Fiberglass And Acrylics

Prefabricated showers, bathtubs, or shower-tub combos constructed of fiberglass or acrylics can save money. Tile may be costly, and the work needed in putting tile that does not leak is also difficult.  “It’s significantly more labor-intensive and hence more expensive than if you just went out and got a 76-inch square shower form,” Acrylic liners can also be put over an existing tub or shower wall to provide a beautiful new look. 

Tub Or Shower


A bathroom redesign does not have to be expensive. Some modifications, such as a completely tiled walk-in shower or enlarging the square footage of your master bath, can easily cost tens of thousands of dollars. However, with careful planning and a little imagination, you can transform your bathroom into a magnificent getaway at a far lesser expense. I hope you found the above-described small bathroom remodel ideas useful.

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