advantages of eating avocados

Advantages of Eating Avocados

The Yummy benefits of eating this fruit

Buying medicine for diabetes is quite expensive, requiring consistent purchase and usage. Life is certainly hard for people diagnosed with any type of diabetes, so for those without diabetes, do your best to avoid acquiring it by engaging in physical activities and healthy eating habits. It just takes proper determination and motivation to have a healthy lifestyle. You can start by eating right – fruits! There are diverse and several benefits of each fruit. Get to know about the advantages of eating avocados here.


Nutritional advantages of avocados

Avocado is a tree-fruit that is rich in potassium, iron, vitamin C and D, magnesium, calcium, riboflavin, niacin, and thiamine. Its fruit, seeds, and leaves can be used as a source of ingredients for medicines. The oil of the fruit can be spread on the skin for soothing and treating gum infections, thick skin, and psoriasis, then the bark and leaf can cure toothache. There are other numerous benefits of a fiber-enriched 230-calorie avocado.


Body benefits of Avocados

Aside from the previous information about the benefits of this “superfood,” avocados not also serve as a satisfying meal, it also helps reduce weight. As a fruit rich in fiber, eating the overall fruit may lose weight and the oleic acid found in the avocado makes you think you are already full. Then, for pregnant women, studies showed that avocados may prevent birth defects for these women and their unborn child. Other benefits are decrease in cholesterol levels, reduce heart disease, improve eyesight, treat osteoarthritis and diarrhea, stimulate the blood flow, reduce cancer risk on the mouth and prostrate, and increase sexual appetite.


Avocados Simple and easy recipes

If you’re convinced and curious about the advantages of eating an avocado, try these simple recipes you can do in your home guaranteed to satisfy your taste buds! Just follow these step-by-step procedures to have a healthy meal or dessert.

  • Guacamole – this is the most famous recipe for avocados, simply prepare it by mixing avocados and salt then a little lime or lemon juice then some spices.
  • Food topping – just add any smashed avocado recipe of choice to any of your meal to make it more delicious.
  • Fish and greens – get any fish to partner with delightful veggies then add some avocado slices for a healthy meal.
  • Sandwich – toast your bread then place some sliced meat with vegetables and top it off with crushed avocado bits.
  • Rice bowl – mix rice, spices, chilies, beans, tofu, and avocado slices then come up with your own flavoring.
  • Smoothie/ice cream – get a blender then put bananas, avocados, yoghurt, and honey and freeze it up then your smoothie or ice cream is good to go.

The major benefits of an avocado may serve as a small alternative for medicine for diabetes, but everybody must be cautious and aware of what they eat and should remember to be physically fit as well to ensure a healthy lifestyle. Avocados are definitely delicious, but try not to eat too much because anything consumed at an excessive amount is bad!

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