5 safety features of tsa approved locks you should know about

5 Safety Features Of TSA Approved Locks You Should Know About

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Traveling has its own share of concerns with safety and security of your luggage the foremost concern. Air Travel is already a hectic process which can be made more tiring if you have to keep your eye on luggage all the time, which is not possible each and every time you board a flight. That said, a large number of travelers neglect their luggage security, taking it for granted that their bags will stay safe and secured from prying eyes and hands of luggage thieves. A close look at the recent figures will tell you how luggage security problems are soaring upwards with nearly 50,000 complaints of damaged, stolen or lost luggage reported by the flyers with Transportation Security Administration (TSA) every year.

Securing your luggage with TSA Approved Locks go a long way in ensuring that your luggage is safe when it’s out of your sight. Threat of tampering, damage, and theft is always a possibility in these days of hectic air travel. Protecting it with TSA-compliant locks means that it cannot be tampered with (easily) except by the airport security which has a master key to unlock any TSA lock. Read on to know more about how 4 safety features of TSA locks provide added safety and security to your travel luggage.

1. TSA Locks Come With 3 Digit Padlock:

Travelers must be proactive about the safety of their luggage and TSA locks is one sure way of doing it. It comes with 3 dials and 999 different numerical digit combinations that can be set by you. It is easily one of the most safer anti-theft travel locks available in the market. You just have to set and remember the unique 3 digit lock combo so that you can unlock it whenever you want to. No one can unlock if it if he doesn’t know the 3 digit lock and only you can access your luggage. This proves handy because an ordinary travel lock can be opened easily by duplicated keys.

2. 100% Approved By Transportation Security Administration:

TSA Approved Locks are 100% certified from TSA and Sentry compliant so that TSA and custom officials can unlock your luggage using a special master key which eliminates the need of forced opening of your luggage. A forced opening will not only result in a broken luggage lock, but it can also cause damage to your luggage as well. Locking your travel luggage with TSA locks goes a long way in ensuring that it stays undamaged even in case when your luggage is searched by the security agency.

3. TSA Search Notification:

In case the Transportation Security Administration does open your TSA luggage lock with a special master key to check its inner contents, you will get to know of it through a red dot on this lock which will pop up the moment TSA searches your bag. When you’ll be retrieving your bag, if you notice a popped up red dot it means that your suitcase was searched and examined by the TSA security staff.

4. Made of Heavy Duty and Secure Materials:

The body of anti-theft travel lock is made of heavy duty and secure 100% hardened zinc alloy. It comes equipped with flexible reinforced steel cable which allows travelers to lock the zipper of any size with ease.

5. Re-lock Technology:

This unique feature of TSA locks guarantees that even if it was opened by the security staff, they cannot leave your luggage unlocked after having done with the search process. They will have to re-lock it because if they don’t, they won’t be able to remove the special master key from the lock. This feature makes security officials adopt more responsible behavior towards travelers’ luggage.

Coming to conclusion, securing your travel luggage with a good quality TSA approved locks is a wider and better choice as compared to traveling with ordinary locks or having no locks at all that means 0% safety and security of your luggage and its valuable contents.

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