will we see the back of back pain?

Will We See the Back of Back Pain?

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Back pain is so prevalent with nearly 80% experiencing some type of back pain at some point of their lives. This infographic from Hussey Fraser goes through back pain in great detail and looks at the research being done to try and help with back pain and even stop it altogether.

When you consider that Americans spend $50 billion per year on back pain treatments, it’s clear that not all of them are effective. People seem to be willing to try anything to improve their situation but unfortunately it can be very difficult to find long-term fixes.

There are differences between acute and chronic back pain and acute back pain is usually from an injury. This will usually heal on its own but should still be checked out by a doctor just to be sure everything is okay. Chronic back pain is far more serious and lasts for more than 3 months and can take drastic action to cure.

Check out the infographic to see if you can learn anything about what you can do to help your back pain.


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