what are the causes of nose bleeding in kids and adults

What Are The Causes Of Nose Bleeding In Kids And Adults

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Nose bleeding is basically the outflow of blood from tissues inside the nodes. Scientifically called nasal mucus membranes. No matter whether it is happening to an adult or a kid. It looks scary but is not a serious problem yet not to be taken too lightly. We will discuss the nosebleed causes & treatments in this blog. 

Most nosebleeds occur in the front part of the nose – anterior, close to nostrils. It has many blood vessels that can be damaged easily. Also, it is quite common in the case of children and often occurs due to dryness and cruising inside the nose. 

Types of Nosebleeds


There are two types of nosebleeds, anterior nosebleeds, and posterior nosebleeds. 

(i) Anterior Nosebleeds

Septum (a wall that separates nostrils) has lots of blood vessels that are easily breakable from a mere scratch from your fingernails or a hit on the face. Usually, the nosebleeds start from the lower part of the septum.

(ii) Posterior Nosebleeds

This kind 0f nosebleeds often happens to adults. It starts deeper in the back of your nose and usually happens to people with high blood pressure or the ones who had a face injury. However, they may require immediate medical help. 

Posterior Nosebleeds

Causes Of Nose Bleeding


Now that you know the kinds of nosebleeds. Let’s focus on some of the major causes of the same.

(i) Dry Climates Or Seasonal Cold

The dry or heated air often causes irritation and dryness in your nasal membranes, which leads to crusts that are perhaps itchy and then bleed if scratched or picked. At the same time, seasonal cough and cold can also irritate the nose lining and bleeding can happen due to repeated nose-blowing.

(ii) Foreign Object Or Nose Injury

Usually, when the foreign items enter your nose, it may show some symptoms such as difficulty breathing from that side of the nose, or causing pain. Nose bleeding is also a consequence of it and it can lead to sinus damage as well. Similarly, if the blood vessels of your nose get injured it leads to nose bleeding.

(iii) Deviated Septum

When the thin wall i.e nasal septum between your nasal passages is displaced to any one side it is known as a deviated septum. Many people have an off-centred or deviated septum that makes one nasal passage smaller.

It could be severe as it can block one side of the nose and decline the airflow that causes breathing issues. The event of dry airflow contributes to nose bleeding.

You should be careful while driving on roads because a minor accident can cause severe loss of blood from your nose.

(iv) Allergies

Innumerable allergies are there which react differently in your body. Some of them can cause nasal bleeding in kids and adults. Moreover, nose bleeding can be caused due to the anti-allergens too. Therefore, you should be cautious before consuming any medicine or food. 

If you are not sure about your allergies, consult your doctor and go for an allergies test so that you do not consume or do anything that causes nose bleeding to you or your kid.


(v) Frequent Use Of Nasal Sprays

Although nasal sprays are used for dry nose treatments or in the cold. Still, if you use it more than prescribed, it may cause irritation in the nose due to the tip of the bottle. 

You can not do much about it, just try not to use it too frequently and make sure that the bottle tip must be soft.

Please note the nasal spray solution is not the cause; the spray bottle causes nose bleeds. Nasal sprays are safe to use.

(vi) Blood Thinners

Blood thinners do not cause nose bleeding directly, but it reduces the blood’s ability to clot that prolongs the bleeding, making them heavier and more significant clinically. 

If you are prescribed blood thinners, make sure you are more careful and avoid the occurrence of other causes of nose bleeding. 



To get rid of nose injury bleeding. First of all, calm your mind and sit. Firmly pinch the soft part of the nose, which is just above your nostrils for about 10-15minutes. Lean forward and try to breathe from the mouth. This way, your nose will drain blood into your nose rather than the back of your throat.

It is the easiest way to stop nose bleeding at home. Even if it is due to high blood pressure, it can be stopped with this home treatment. If you feel it is something serious, you can consult your doctor or any general health physician. They will be able to explain better about the problem which is causing nose bleeding to you.


The Final Words


Nose bleeding is not a serious issue until it is too frequent and caused due to other serious diseases or medical reasons, such as high blood pressure or blood thinners or allergies. Through this blog, you can get a brief idea about nosebleed causes & treatments. You can use this as a reference to check whether the bleeding is normal or requires further doctor diagnosis. For more health-related articles, keep visiting us. 

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