water- the miraculous gift for life

Water- The Miraculous Gift For Life

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God is great and he loves us deeply. His unconditional love is seen often in various forms of his creations. He has gifted our lives with awesome weathers, plants, animals, mountains and different water bodies running on holy Earth’s surface. Of all these water holds the most important place, as it is elemental for life’s very existence. According to astronauts, no other planet has water in abundance like Earth. This could be the reason there are no signs of life on the surface of other members of the solar system.

Many of you must have read the story of thirsty crow in your childhood days. The struggle of crow for drinking water came to an end with his strenuous efforts and smart act. Thankfully, we human beings are spared from such fights as we enjoy our blessed lives.


A human being who is said to be the most developed form of life on Earth was not the same several centuries back. His day-to-day life was entirely different than that of now. There were no homes, no shelters as he used to wander in search of food from one place to another. The dresses, which make you look smart and appealing, were not there for a huge period of time. Technology too has developed only some decades ago.

Wondering how could man survive for such a long time? No wonder he could easily do it with food and water. These two meet the basic needs of the life. Still not clear? Think on the lines of your pet or some other animal what does he need to survive? I think you got your answer.

In the long journey of the evolution of man, water was always there. At any age and at any stage you can’t get enough of it. When our forefathers or may be their forefathers were covering miles of distances in search of animals to hunt them, water was there to serve them.

In modern times nothing has changed the importance of water and whosoever overlooks the importance of it, suffers as an individual, as a society, as a nation, and as a planet.

With no intentions of scaring you, water is getting depleted at much faster pace. The available water is still in abundance but the question is of accessible potable water.


Drinking water is the necessity of every living thing including plants, animals and us, the human beings. Scientists and doctors claim that approximately 75% of our body is made up of water. It is a part of every cell, tissue, organ, and system. Water performs numerous functions in our body to keep it healthy and replenished. Water carries nutrients and supplies oxygen to different body parts. It regulates body temperature and protects tissues and organs. It is required for lubrication of joints and also prevents constipation. It carries minerals to the body parts.
Benefits of drinking water are endless but often people overlook its importance probably because it does not cost you much and in many parts of the world, it is still free.


My father who is running at age of 60 years is the most handsome and charming person I have ever met in my life. It is not my love for him, which tells this, but he has got something really appreciable. What makes him different from others is his habit and interest of staying healthy. He drinks gallons of water, over 30 glasses of water, literally.

Health should be our top most priority and there is no better way to take care of ourselves than drinking water. You must have heard the golden rule several times that ask you for drinking 8-ounce glasses of water in a day to stay hydrated. However, can you gain the under mentioned things with this much quantity is a matter of opinions and varies according to different medical theories?


You so much admire your favorite celebs. Discover what they may or may not have disclosed earlier. Water is always in for them.

  • GLOWING SKIN- They fight the signs of aging with plenty of water. Hydrated and nourished skin looks healthy and good to go even without makeup. Replace your favorite drink with bottled water to keep shining.
  • WEIGHT CONTROL- It seems quite logical to drink water to stay away from the hunger pangs between the regular meals. Your body feels full from inside and helps in curbing the appetite.
  • DETOXIFICATION- For removing toxins from your body water plays an important part. Take it as plain water or in drinks and other food items to cleanse your body systems.


When you drink water to gain the maximum out of it then you should be doing in the right amount and right time. Just like the fruits and other food items, your body favors water consumption at certain occasions and may not favor at other times. No matter you drink 8-ounce glasses of water, less or more but if you do it right you will be extracting the best benefits.

  • Instead of brewing coffee first thing in the morning, get a warm glass of water for yourself. It is advisable to drink water empty stomach every morning. Try to gulp down 2-3 glasses of it before you eat anything else.
  • It is possible that the digestive juices get diluted and hinders the best digestion when you drink water right before having a meal or in between the meal. It is equally objectionable to have it after finishing your meal. Drink water one and a half hours before or after your meal.
  • Do not pour a whole glass of water in one go. You should rather be drinking it sip after sip, just like you enjoy your cup of coffee.
  • Avoid drinking cold water especially after coming from the gym or running.
  • Drink more water at daytime and restrict water intake during nights to have a peaceful sleep. Otherwise, you might need to rush to rest room.

We have given you enough of reasons to keep water handy, hope you share this with your loved ones as we did.

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