wardrobe essentials woman should never remove from your closet

Wardrobe Essentials Woman Should Never Remove From Your Closet

Certain wardrobe investments are made because they are trendy and flashy and catch your eye, while others are made for more practical reasons. These may not be the items you are most excited= to wear, but I guarantee they are the ones you wear the most in your closet.

I’m referring to wardrobe essentials, such as white T-shirts and straight-leg jeans, which serve as the foundation of your wardrobe. When cleaning out your closet each season, it may be tempting to donate some of these items to make room for the aforementioned trendy pieces, but trust me when I say that’s a mistake.

You should always have some wardrobe essentials on hand, and you’ll almost certainly miss them once they’re gone. The exception to this rule is if the item is so worn out that it is no longer functional (e.g., it has holes or permanent stains).

Outside of that, however, it is best to keep these pieces. From the third piece that always looks polished to the shoe style you’ll most likely wear for the rest of your life, here are the five best women wardrobe essentials you should never get rid of.

Check Out Some Of The Woman Wardrobe Essentials:

1. T-Shirts

T-shirts are most people’s second skin, and they’re likely to be the starting point for many of your best outfits. A good T-shirt is an absolute staple in every stylish person’s wardrobe, whether worn under a blazer, leather jacket, or on its own.

Keep your tees unless they’re worn to the point of holes or stains that can’t be repaired. There’s nothing like overdoing it. Begin your outfit with a blank canvas. The white staple tee is versatile, cool, and a piece you can wear all year.

“Put your white shirt on at work,” says the designer. It works well with statement pieces like printed shorts and colored denim and layers well under sweaters.” — Stylist Anne R.

2. Blazers

Blazers are the ultimate third piece—you can wear them over any other two items in your outfit and instantly feel pulled together and polished.

While certain blazer styles are more popular than others (for example, an oversize blazer may be famous one day and a fitted blazer the next), they never truly go out of style. You should keep any high-quality blazers you’ve purchased.


3. Button-Down Shirt

A white button-down is the definition of timeless style. Whether worn with jeans, pants, or skirts, it’s as timeless as a white button. Regardless of what’s going on in the fashion world, a crisp white button-down with jeans and heels will always contact you compliments.

The button-down shirt, borrowed from the boys but in better prints and colors, always strikes a balance between casual and polished. Wear it with jeans or a pencil skirt depending on the occasion.

“Up your button-down game by selecting one in a luxe material like viscose, Tencel, or silk,” says stylist Jennifer M.

4. Black Ankle Boots

When fall arrives, you’ll reach for black ankle boots again and again. Black ankle boots are timeless classics that go well with everything from dresses to jeans to midi skirts.

Take good care of your black ankle boots, and they’ll be a wardrobe staple for the rest of your life.

The ankle boots are the perfect shoes for any season because it’s much easier to slip into (and pack) than its taller sister. In the warmer months, opt for a peep-toe style, while in the cooler months, opt for a closed-toe style.

“Experiment with heel heights ranging from low and blocky to taller and stiletto-esque to achieve a completely different vibe with your ankle boot,” suggests stylist Jennifer M.

Black Ankle Boots

5. Black Pants

Because black pant is one of the most versatile pieces of clothing in your closet, it stands to reason that there are numerous ways to style them! With something formal or something casual. 

The black pants are appropriate for any occasion and can be worn casually or formally depending on your chosen accessories you decide to wear. However, they are not limited to wearing plain shirts or tops; they can also be worn with patterned tops. 

If you want to wear a patterned top, make sure it isn’t too busy or it will overpower your outfit.

If you want to be more formal, pair it with a plain white shirt and tie.

If you are wearing jeans, choose lighter shades such as khaki or pastel colors rather than dark ones such as navy blue or black because they will look better when paired with black pants.

A pair of black pants, whether tie-waist or pencil-straight, is another essential to have on hand.

“Don’t worry about investing in black pants,” says the stylist. A beautiful pair stays in your closet for years to come.” — Stylist Jennifer M.

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Wrapping Up


Don’t be afraid to splash around in the new trends you fall in love with as you add to your wardrobe over time! Keep this wardrobe essentials list in mind and wardrobe staples like these will act as a backup to the star-studded pieces you mix in each season.

Are you ready to stock up on necessities? Take your style quiz, order a Fix, and request a few of these tried-and-true closet staples from your stylist. Relax while you await the arrival of your five personalized pieces. Keep what you want and give the rest back. Even better, shipping and returns are always complimentary.

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