want a hair colour? read these 10 tips to avoid damage

Want A Hair Colour? Read These 10 Tips To Avoid Damage

It is trending to have a new hair look with new hair colour. People are opting for various colours, even the multiple hair colours are so much in fashion too. Undoubtedly, it looks amazing. However, everything comes with a cost. We are not talking about the monetary value, instead, the damage that comes along with it. So you should know the common hair colouring mistakes and how to avoid the damage which comes along.

Hair colours often contain chemicals like ammonia that encourage hair damage and breakage. You can reduce the harm to your hair using these pre & post hair colouring tips.

Pre-Hair Colour Tips


First of all, your hair colouring decision should not be spontaneous. It will be intentional harm to your hair. You must prepare your hair at least a month before you fix a colour appointment. Start doing these activities a month before your hair colour.

(i) Avoid Chemicals

Hair colouring involves a lot of chemical input on your hair. You must prepare your hair to handle that. In other words, give a detox month to your hair. Do not use any products that contain harmful chemicals like sulphate, parabens, polyethylene glycols. Rather, use organic shampoo & conditioner. 

Avoid Chemicals

(ii) Manage Them Properly

Go for regular hair cuts or trims, if required. Split ends often increase the breakage of hair that induces damage. If you feel a need for a trim or haircut, do not postpone it because you are going to have hair colour shortly.

(iii) Keep Them Natural

Do not do any experiment a month before hair colour. Your hair should be in a fine stage to be coloured to avoid damage. You should keep them natural. No heating, curling or styling. The same applies to after the colour month. Do not do any styling after a month of colouring. It will harm your hair adversely.

(iv) Condition Your Hair Well

Regular conditioning of hair strengthens them and prevents damage. If you want to apply a natural conditioner; mix egg, banana and yoghurt and apply the mixture regularly on your hair. It is a natural solution for softer and stronger hair.

Condition Your Hair Well

(v) Hair Perfector A Night Before Colour

A night before your hair colour appointment, apply a hair perfector to relax your hair and prepare them for the next day. The next morning, rinse it out with hair restoration shampoo and condition them for 15 minutes. 

(vi) Look For Organic Ways

Since hair colouring is quite trendy and its damage is not a secret anymore. Scientists have discovered formulas that may have less to no side effects on your hair.

The Hair Colour Day

(i) Do Not Colour On Shampoo Day

The very first and most important thing, do not select a shampoo day for hair colour. It will be the biggest mistake one could do before hair colour. Even, do not shampoo your hair for 2 days before hair colour. Shampoo fetches out the natural oils that cause extreme damage to the hair follicles.

Do Not Colour On Shampoo Day

(ii) Be Honest With The Stylist

Do not hide anything related to your hair. Share your past experiences, the products you used, mistakes you did, side-effects you encountered, your past experiences. Share everything with your stylist. He/she should know which products work well and which ones harmed a lot to your hair. 

All this information helps to heal your damage and give you better hair colour. Also, it reduces the damage risk.

(iii) Act Practically & Be Patient

Do not set unrealistic expectations from your hairstylist. You should not expect to have to shine and flaunt hair in one sitting, not even pressurise them to do so. It takes around 2-3 sittings at least to get that shine in hair.

Post-Colour Care

(i) Care In A Right Way

Indeed your hair has come in contact with chemicals but you can reduce future damage by caring the right way. Use a strengthening shampoo conditioner to give all the nutrients your hair need. Do not forget that you should not wash your hair for 2 days after hair colour.

Care In A Right Way

(ii) Apply Coconut Oil

Coconut oil has many nutrients your hair need. If you are planning a trip on a beach or a day out to swim. Apply coconut oil on the ends of your hair. It will make your colour long-lasting and resist the chlorine to damage them. It is a pro tip to reduce hair colour damage.

The End Note


One of the biggest trends these days is hair colouring. However, their damage is not hidden from the public too. Take proper pre-colour and post-colour care to avoid damage. Do not style your hair for a month before & after colour, condition your hair properly, keep them hydrated, use coconut oil and talk to your stylist, you will get the best care routine there. Also, do not get discouraged to colour your hair, it is safe, just need to follow these hair colouring tips.

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