using office 365 on your mac is easier than ever before

Using Office 365 on Your Mac Is Easier Than Ever Before

Having a Mac doesn’t mean you cannot use the globally popular Microsoft Office program on it. It is a well-known fact that Apple and Microsoft were not exactly on the same page with each other. Both tech giants were at odds with each other primarily because their owners were making all the efforts to show who’s the boss in silicone valley. Apple was best at creating top-end hardware, but there was no beating Microsoft’s software Office which was used by everyone, while Mac users had no other option but to keep using sub-standard software.

The good news after all these years of tussle between the two biggies is that using office on your mac is now very much possible, thanks to mutual agreement and collaboration between the both which paved way for specialized office version for mac users. Mac users now have two viable productivity software options to choose from- Office and Office 365. Microsoft has made installing Office 365 simpler for Mac users within an organization by providing them with the installer package file. The Mac version of MS Office comes with MS Word, MS Excel, MS Power Point and MS Outlook. Though it is not the complete set of office tools, but it is enough for Mac users because some of the productivity suites are already provided by Mac through its software.

If you have an Office 365 plan, you can simply ask Mac users to download and install the software. They can log in using their credentials and begin using it straightaway, provided they are an admin on the device and you have a seat available. So, using office on your Mac is the best choice for you? Read on to know about it.

The Benefits

A large number of Mac users are enjoying the combination of these two products. Being a Mac user means you belong to an exclusive club of members, but using Office or Office 365 for Mac, you can now coordinate with the rest of the world. Mac users get familiarity, compatibility, and rich set of features from Office on your Mac. Using Office 365 on your Mac will probably be easiest if your office is a Microsoft shop, and you can ask your IT team if you can access company Office 365 plan.

If it is meant for personal use, it all boils down to your personal preference and willingness to pay for the software in place of using free alternatives.

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