useful unisex gifts for valentine’s day that your partner will love

Useful Unisex Gifts For Valentine’s Day That Your Partner Will Love

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Although you can express your feelings towards each other any day, couples still wait for Valentine’s Day wondering what special the other partner will do? Well, there are so many ideas you must have got from movies still, if you are confused then you are at the right place. You should give them something which is special yet caring. There is a list of unique valentine’s day ideas out of which you can use the best for your love.

Of course, it takes time to select the best gift for your loved one but it will absolutely be worth paying too much attention to this matter. Scroll through the blog if you are looking for a unique yet practical gift on this valentine. 

Unisex Valentine’s Gifts That Your Partner Will Love

1) Hand Painted Notebooks

If your partner is fond of writing or journalising then it could be one of the best gifts you can give to them. It is not only useful but also a very romantic gift.

You can make it special by decorating the cover on your own. If it could be anything. Like initials of both, the abstract he/she likes the most, the symbol of your love personality, etc. Also, you can make any symbol that relates to your relationship.

Hand Painted Notebooks

2) Dark Chocolate Bars Gift Box

Who doesn’t like chocolates! Everyone loves to have chocolates but the sugar and calories that come with them is something people do not prefer these days.

No worries! Dark chocolates are sweet and healthy chocolates that you can opt to gift to your mate. Express your love and care together with dark chocolates. 

3) Tabletop Fire Pit

Love is not about gifting cards or flowers. It is about taking care of each other and their needs. If your partner stays at a cold place, this tabletop fire pit will be such a thoughtful gift. 

These fire pits are gas-powered and produce enough heat to keep the surroundings warm on cold nights. Make sure kids should be equally distant from these pits.

4) Blanket Robe

In the era of WFH, everyone wants to feel comfort and cosiness in their beds while even working. Blanket robes are made of blanket cloth that offers blanket-like warmth to your body. It feels like wrapping a blanket around the body.

Give your partner a chance to feel the warmth of a blanket anywhere they want with a mobile blanket robe.

Blanket Robe

5) Instant Camera & Zink Paper

Give something that is best for both of you. Though we live in a generation where images are stored in phones and memory cards. Still holding images in hand instantly is a next-level feeling. It feels like living a moment again.

If you want to experience that joy, you must consider buying this for your partner (or for both of you).

6) Hoya Heart Plant

We know that the colour of love is red but green can do wonders too. The Hoya heart plant is nature’s way to tell someone about how much you love them. 

It feels like nature has given you a way to express feelings to your mate with a pure heart. And when we talk about its maintenance, it’s the bare minimum. Anyways, your loved one will take care of it with all their heart. :p 

7) AirPods Pro

Ah! Too expensive. We can understand, but if you can afford AirPods Pro then nothing like it. It will not only raise their social standards but also be convenient for them to answer calls with busy hands. 

If you want you can buy them in easy installments too. Moreover, you may get them on discounts during this love period.

AirPods Pro

8) Picnic Blanket

Short picnic trips make the bond stronger. Say this without even uttering a word with a picnic blanket. They come in different sizes, choose the one suitable as per your needs.

Some brands even give other picnic goodies together as a combo at great prices. Research well on Google or offline stores before buying.

9) Sunglasses

Be it men or women, both love sunglasses. And there are so many brands offering amazing sunglasses designs. Also, during this valentine period, couple sunglasses are becoming too trendy. Celebrate your unique love with unique sunglasses. You can have personalised engravings too.

10) Mood Chews

If your partner is stressed from a long time, it could be an amazing and thoughtful gift for them.

These chews contain such ingredients that immediately boost one’s happy hormones and help them deal with the hard memories and times.

Mood Chews

11) Personalised Wallet

It gives a sense of ownership to a product when it has your name on it. Let your partner experience the same feeling with a personalised wallet of their name.

It is one of the most affordable valentine’s day gifts but the feeling of it could not be measured in monetary terms. 

The Final Words


Love does not see the amount of the gift but the feelings behind are always appreciated. If you want to give an affordable valentine’s day gift to your loved one, these useful yet loving gifts are the right choice. Gift them something which will stay with them every time and make them remember how much you love and care for them. Do share your gift experience with us in the comment section.

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