use safe and permitted eyebrow pigment for microblading

Use Safe and Permitted Eyebrow Pigment for Microblading

Fed up of applying dark eyebrow pencils on the brow area, the moment you step out of your bed? This is a normal first day chore of a large number of harried people. They long for a respite from this daily routine that takes loads of time and causes major bloopers during application. Dissatisfaction with the shape of their eyebrows is a frustrating factor, and they rush to beauty salons for an alternative.

The beauty industry welcomes Microblading, a manual innovative method of semi-permanent inking to improve imperfect or irregular eyebrows. Perfect eyebrow shapes are designed and each client is ensured of 100% customer satisfaction- this is the main fundamental aim of Microblading. This process enhances the look of natural eyebrows by using artificial but safe eyebrow pigment. Cosmetic tattoo pigments come in a huge and vibrant variety and it pays to be informative about the colour palette of eyebrow pigments. The skin tone is matched and the pigment chosen accordingly. Experience can make you choose lasting colours properly. The pigments are prepared under strict recommendations specified by qualified personnel. The sterile pigments are derma-tested and safe for human use.

Now recreating an attractive brow line is not a problem, because beauty salon professionals are trained to create glorious and lush looking eyebrows with a Microblading pigment and Microblading pen. Miniature corrections and irregular shapes are often filled up with eyebrow pigment, which is nontoxic and non-allergic. Long lasting and crisp natural looking eyebrow hair are a result of creative use of the Microblading pen and Microblading pigment.

The treatment cannot be started unless the beauty therapist studies the texture and undertones of skin. Age of the client also has to be kept in mind to understand the skin response to treatment. The client chooses the design that appeals him or her after viewing many different eyebrow designs shown by the professional Microblading artist. When this is done, the skin is prepared by application of a numbing cream. This cream is used to stun the area and with micro stroking techniques, smooth and crisp looking hair is etched onto the brow area of face.

The treatment is commenced, observing all compliance and safety precautions that are essential for a safe procedure. The perfection struck professionals pay extra attention to shape of brows and make an initial drawing on the brow area for guidance. Hair strokes are added in this area and outstanding eyebrows can be creatively drawn. After care treatment involves topical cream applications that are necessary to make sure there is no infection caused in the area.

In this semi-permanent make up form ink is deposited into the skin with help of small miniature blades. The colour is infused into skin in form of natural but very thin looking hair. In about 18 months’ time the hair colour fades and they have to be retouched. Experienced technicians just need the skill to draw eyebrows and can start the process with a few inexpensive basic pieces of equipment.

To grab more information about Microblading visit the website and know how you can make your eyebrows more attractive.


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