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How would it feel eating the same dish every day, for the rest of your life? Or doing the same thing? Boring isn’t it? Well, the same goes for when you work out. Read on to know how you can make something as painful and boring as working out a lot more fun!

1. Company never hurt anyone – having someone with you to go through to work out with is a great start. It can help you get out of bed and make to the gym instead of playing rookie. Plus, all the fun you can while working out is an additional bonus to you losing weight.

2. Healthy Competition – while having a friend work out with you is fun it can also be seen as the right kind of motivational push that you’d need. You could see how many burpees you do and compare it with your friend to see who buys you a beer later.

3. Music – is the answer to everything. That is a universally known fact. It’s nothing different when it comes to working out. Gym music is almost always pop music, but it’s helpful as it is upbeat and has the right tempo to motivate you working. Picking your own music is helpful too, as everyone has a choice of their own.

4. Switch-It Up – switching your weight loss technique is always a good idea to keep you going. It makes sure that you’re always interested in what you’re doing and trying new things is always the best way to learn things and improvise.

5. Plan of Action – knowing what you want and working towards it, by making a plan is always the best way to deal with things. Making a course with pit stops is a good idea, as the car wouldn’t keep running without any fuel. This is why while making a plan of action, ensuring that everything is actually achievable is important, otherwise going through the whole this would seem like a really long road and that to a boring one.

6. Rewards – have you ever seen a picture of a lady on the treadmill and her friend holding up a glass of wine a little away from her? That’s how things actually work. You get a glass of wine after working out for week. You need to reward yourself to keep yourself in the game and win.

7. Take A Breath – having a cheat day or going on a vacation is not a bad idea to get a change in scenery. It helps you come back with a bang when you re-enter the game.

8. Take A Page From Your Mum’s Book – ever wondered why your parents made you go out and play as a kid, instead of making sure that you were locked up at home? That was to make sure that you learnt things skipping rope and jumping on the trampoline, which only seemed fun when you were younger, but actually had a hidden meaning to them.

9. Value – knowing the worth of things while doing them is important, so that we do not take them for granted. The same goes for working out; you gain weight when you stop going to the gym but stay in shape while going to the gym.

Fun should never stop at a young age. Everyone is young at heart, at almost any and every given point in time. Making sure that this fun never stops, it should be added to every aspect of our lives to make it more interesting. Which is why there’s no need to stop at only you; add it into everybody’s life and that how everyone stays healthy and happy.

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