understanding & overcoming anxiety

Understanding & Overcoming Anxiety

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Anxiety isn’t just something we feel before an exam or an important presentation. It can be a harrowing medical condition that holds us back in our lives, sometimes being felt so acutely that we might avoid social situations entirely for fear of judgement. This infographic from Union Quay Medical Centre explains how anxiety disorders are different from everyday anxious feelings and how issues with anxiety can be tackled effectively.

We all have those nights where we find it exceedingly hard to fall asleep, perhaps the night before an important event. If you routinely have trouble getting to sleep, though, this can be a sign of an anxiety disorder, as could frequent negative thoughts or an alarming lack of self-confidence. Anxiety disorders can originate from numerous sources – they might be brought upon by poor lifestyle habits, distressing past experiences or an inheritance of anxious tendencies.

Anxiety disorders are all too real, but with a positive frame of mind and a determination to live a better future, they can be overcome. If you suffer badly from anxiety, find out what you can do to face your fears head-on and let them know who’s really the boss.

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