turn cleaning into a workout

Turn Cleaning Into a Workout

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Very few people enjoy the cleaning process but it’s simply something that needs to be done. This infographic from HappyCleans takes a slightly different slant on house cleaning and turns it into a workout. Sometimes when you’re mopping it is easy to forget that it actually burns 168 calories an hour. This is pretty good to know as not only are you cleaning but you’re getting fit. Even things like making the bed burn on average 130 calories every 30 minutes. These might not seem like massive amounts, but they really do add up over the course of week. Remember not to snack too much as you clean as any calories burned will be wasted on the extra food you consume.

There are also ways to make cleaning more challenging for yourself by adding weights to your wrists. It doesn’t need to be anything too heavy as even adding 2-3 pounds can help to tone your arms as you dust. Another good time to do a few arm curls is when you’re taking out the trash. Check out the full infographic now for more information.

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