Trendy Nail Art designs for the Beginners

Women since ancient time have been known to decorate themselves with different ornaments and accessories. They are always interested in looking good from tip to toe and for that they can’t leave anything undone. Polishing your nails with beautiful and trendy colours really add grace to your nails. Nail art is an older concept but it is in trend now a days and women are really crazy about it. It attracts almost women of all age group.

Polishing your nails with simple and single color is really a gone trend now and every woman want to try nailing art on their nails. You can have nail art similar to your dresses which really look good when you are going for any night party, which means that you can really get wild and creative with your nails as you do with your clothes. You can really do everything according to your imagination with your nails. You can have glitters, gems, 3D stickers, studs, crushed shells, bouncy balls, dazzling stars, ceramic animals, etc over your nails.

Whenever you plan to do nail art on your beautiful nails make sure that they are properly cleaned. You also have to make sure that the design you choose for the nail art must be in accordance with your dress otherwise it can lower down your impression of being in style. Try go to the right salon or parlor and allow only the professionals to do nail art on your nails because the beginners could really spoil your mood if the nail art would not be made according to you because it is really a work which is done by patience and only a professional possess this quality.

Nail art can also be done at home and you can really save your money by doing it at home because the charges of the salons a bit higher and they can sometimes be out of your budget. Some of the simplest and elegant designs for nail art are:

Alternate the Colours: This is really very simple and beautiful nail art you can do yourself at home. You have to just paint all your nails with different colours and it really go well with every dress and it is in trend now a days. This art really help you in grabbing attention of people.

Use Effect Polishes: there are several kinds of effect polishes available in the market like magnetic effect, crackle effect, croc effect and many more. You can use them whenever you are in hurry and it really gives an attractive look to your nails.

Dotting Nail Art: This type of nail art is also known as free hand nail art as you just have to paint your nail with a light base colour and then put dots over it. It is very simple and graceful looking nail art.

Glittery Nail Art: Glittery nail art gives a shiny and attractive look to your nails and it is in trend and liked by many women. You can either give a glittery gradient touch on the tip of you nail or over complete nail.

There is a vast variety of nail art available in the market so you can easily pick your choice and step ahead for an elegant and trendy look.

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