travel mistakes novice travelers make and how to avoid them

Travel Mistakes Novice Travelers Make And How To Avoid Them

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Traveling and vacationing might be your greatest high, but you will undoubtedly encounter difficulties and troubles along the road. It makes no difference whether you are a novice or a seasoned journeyman.

What could go wrong when traveling? Understanding them is only half the battle. Here are the seven top travel mistakes to avoid (for Novice).

The Most Common Novice Travel Blunders


You’re sure to make common traveling mistakes as a first-time traveler. That is not a source of shame. Consider these travel guidelines to avoid making costly mistakes.

1. Excessive Packing

It’s impossible to describe how exhilarating it is to embark on your first journey. You get so enthralled that you lose all rationality and begin packing more than you need. It’s tempting to bring all of your favorite clothing, jeans, and shoes with you.

You strive to pack all your favorite clothing since you want to appear pleasant and cool every minute of your travel. You won’t be able to carry your bags to your car before you know it. Packing too much is inconvenient, not to mention that you may be charged large baggage costs if you accidentally over the weight restriction.

Take out half of the clothes you packed; you won’t be able to wear them all. Concerned about running out of clothes? A laundry is always an option.

Excessive Packing

2. Booking Your Vacation Too Soon

Another typical travel error made by inexperienced travelers is planning a vacation too soon. You want to get everything done quickly so you can go shopping and then start packing. It makes sense to book a flight early to receive discounts from airlines. 

However, you may wind up spending more in most circumstances. When it comes to travel, the early bird does not necessarily get the worm. It is beneficial to wait a little longer for the discounts. Wait two or three months before booking your vacation.

Prices are typically raised or decreased based on demand. When booking a cruise, firms offer last-minute discounts to ensure that the boats and excursions are fully booked before they set sail in a few days. Setting out with a half-full boat is terrible for business.

3. Too Many Things Are Planned

Again, your enthusiasm may overshadow realistic preparation, and you may wind up needing to accomplish so much that it exhausts you. If you plan too much and stick to your schedule too strictly, you may be exhausted by the end of the day.

You may also get too preoccupied to discover hidden jewels along the road. Don’t be too hard on yourself. The burden of having so much to accomplish may be excruciating. It’s important to plan your vacation, but make time to relax, meet some locals, get lost in the city, take a detour, and enjoy the surroundings.

Too Many Things Are Planned

4. Be A Responsible And Considerate Traveler.

Always respect and be sensitive to cultural norms, local customs, and the environment when visiting a new area. Follow standard travel ethics. Always be kind and respectful everywhere you go.

Leave the areas you visited in better condition than you found them. Learn some courteous words or phrases in the local language if possible to make people smile and be pleased to welcome you.

5. Money Exchange At The Airport

The airport has the lowest currency exchange rate. Airports take advantage of the fact that foreigners who may be utterly uninformed of the lowest rates and where to purchase their passes by the airport regularly.

Go to the city and utilize an ATM, credit card, or bank downtown to receive the most significant rates. Better still, exchange your money at your home bank before you depart. Otherwise, avoid using plastic as much as possible when driving.

Money Exchange At The Airport

6. Failure To Verify Visa Requirements

Not every incoming nationality is accepted at every airport. Being denied admission into a foreign country may be both irritating and costly. Checking the visa requirements online will just take you a few minutes.

Discover Some Travel Hacks:

Learn from experienced travelers and backpackers. They’ve seen a lot of the globe, learned about diverse cultures, and created practical techniques to assist first-time travelers to avoid the most common travel concerns. Here are 5 adorable backpacking trip hacks:

I) Roll Your Clothing Rather Than Folding Them

Rather than folding your garments, wrap them up into little tubes. You not only save room, but you also prevent having wrinkled clothes.

II) Charge Your Phone Using A Television

Most current televisions contain a USB connection where you can charge your phone.

III) Send Yourself A Passport Scan Through The Email

Nothing is more frustrating than misplacing your passport in a new place. Emailing yourself a copy is easier and safer than having a copy with you all the time.

IV) Only Unpack What You Require

To save time packing and repacking, simply bring what you’ll need at each hostel at that time or day.

V) Run Away From Your Jet Lag

Some seasoned travelers will argue that jet lag does not exist. Maybe it is, maybe it isn’t, but if you don’t feel like yourself when you arrive in a different time zone, it’s undoubtedly jet lag. Running or doing some exercise before your vacation may help you avoid jet lag.

Run Away From Your Jet Lag

Wrapping Up


These are just a handful of travel mistakes for beginners I see as they hit the road for the first time. Now that you’re aware of them, you may attempt to keep them in mind when you travel to avoid making the same mistakes.

Don’t be too concerned if you’ve already made them. Travel is a talent that we develop through practice – and occasionally trial and mistake.

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