top 5 important questions to ask a plumber before signing a contract

Top 5 Important Questions to Ask a Plumber Before Signing a Contract

Homemakers get acutely stressed and anxious because of household plumbing hassles. Plumbing trouble is a nightmare- clogged pipes, stuck up drains, leaking taps, black flush of water, and dripping faucets can be terrifying and scary. If neglected, plumbing problems can lead to serious conditions like growth of mould and lot of structural damage because of water leakage. At times like this number of trustworthy and well reputed plumber stuck to your refrigerator door can cause wonders!

Plumbing repairs require expertise and for this a trained and skilled plumber from a well reputed company is the right man for the job. You need to have professional help at this time urgently, but would you let just about anyone from anywhere to walk into your home? No, you need to get a proper contract signed with a plumber hailing from an esteemed plumbing company. Before you sign papers, you need to look into a few pointers:

1) Adequate certification:

General plumbing works and emergency calls by a plumber are charged differently but both need skill. Plumbing contractors need to be qualified in the tasks that they are undertaking and they should also possess a proper certificate that qualifies their specialty. A proper license indicates that the plumbing guy is an expert contractor and is capable of undertaking task at hand. Ask to see a valid license as many plumbers operate without proper certification. The license proves that the plumber is registered with Government and is permitted to do plumbing jobs.

2) Estimate of cost:

Customers are often handed over a free estimate after a check-up of the pipes and drains are done. Do not believe a person who hands over an estimate on phone. The job needs to be looked over and analysed completely before a quotation is handed. A good plumber will make a site visit and then hand over an estimate after assessing labour and material costs.


3) Will the visiting plumber be same who inspected the damage?

You have full right to demand that the plumber who inspected the plumbing hassle should be the one who repairs it also. There may be more than one plumber who works for the company so you need to make sure that each and every one has the expertise and qualification to carry out the job to perfection.

4) Clean leftover mess:

Plumbing work may require digging and drilling and many companies employing plumbers refuse to include clean-up tasks in the contract. You have no idea of the giant mess that can be created, so choose a reliable plumber who offers task and clean-up completion. You need to ask for it or else may land yourself with lot of debris and broken pipes.

5) Breakage coverage:

During plumbing tasks a hammer and a chisel are often used. While the chisel helps pull out stubborn cemented bricks it may also pierce into a bathroom fixture hidden beneath tiles. This may cause an unseen leakage that may remain undiscovered for some time. The plumber has to be responsible for plumbing tasks as well breakage and damage. Get the warranty for this in writing so that your precious home stays safe and undamaged. Before you choose a plumber ask for referrals so that you can be sure that job undertaken is fulfilled properly.

You need a skilled plumber who is well-versed with plumbing jobs. You don’t want a half-finished project on hand, do you? So gear up and start your careful research for a dependent and reliable plumbing company which has been in the business for a few years.

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