tips to incorporate plants in your home like a pro

Tips To Incorporate Plants In Your Home Like A Pro

A home is where we may forget about our problems and unwind after a hard day. As a result, it is logical that your personal space should provide you with a pleasant aura and mental serenity through the use of home décor. 

People nowadays strive to make their homes a living paradise. The most fantastic approach to do so is to include plants in your home’s interior design. Plants enhance the overall atmosphere of your house by bringing it to life.

Whether your house has a lot of square footage, you may easily include some greenery. It breathes new life into your home and encourages healthy living. Bringing plants indoors has several advantages, like fostering a happy mood, cleaning the air, and making you feel more connected to nature.

Many people enjoy the notion of indoor plants that interior designers have lately introduced. Decorating your house interior with plants has become a new fashion trend. 

When researching the latest plant decorations and ideas for decorating your home interior with plants, you will come across numerous elegant plant holders, pots, and a wide range of plants.

It’s impossible to find a more straightforward approach to improve the look of your home than with a traditional touch of greenery, especially as the modern farmhouse style continues to rule design trends and minimalist interiors rule supreme.

So Here Are A Few Tips For Interior Decorating With Plants:

1. Choose A Plant Cart

You’ve probably heard of bar carts, but plant carts are becoming increasingly popular, and for a good reason. Some plants thrive in direct sunshine, while others thrive in shadow. Then some require a 50/50 split.

You’d drive yourself insane dragging individual plants about your house in search of those elusive golden hour rays or early morning light. Using a plant cart, you may roll your plants around to capture the sunlight.

A plant shelf or table is an alternative to this trend. The objective is to combine similar plants to create a statement piece. For a multi-dimensional effect, place tall kinds on top and shorter plants, such as succulents, on the middle and bottom rows.

Plant Cart

2. Plants To Hang In Small Spaces

Do you live in a studio apartment? Perhaps you live in an older model house with several discrete, segmented rooms instead of an open floor plan. In any case, you may not have the space to commit to many indoor plants.

What is the solution to these perplexing interior design problems? Consider the vertical!

Display your green beauties unusually and surprisingly by using a macramé plant hanger. For a fresh appearance, hang it on the wall, from the ceiling, or above your kitchen sink. Look for hangers with a pop of colour for the most eye-catching effects.

3. On The Ground

Neglecting to utilize floor space is a major error in houseplant décor. Use the two or three rules to gather plants in an empty corner or close to the sofa. Place a taller indoor houseplant, such as a fiddle leaf fig or avocado tree, in a large pot on the floor if vertical space allows.

Because of their size, larger houseplants “make an instant effect in a space,” according to Pangborn. They can readily decorate a barren wall or corner as well. To prevent the aesthetics of any wall art and a taller plant from clashing, be sure to provide enough space between them.

On The Ground

4. Succulents Are Easy To Care For

Understandably, not everyone is born with a green thumb. Before you buy indoor plants, be sure you have the time and attention to care for them.

A succulent is typically your best option if you have a busy life or don’t spend much time at home. Most are robust and sturdy, with straight designs that perform exceptionally well in modern dwellings, and require minimal water, sunshine, or upkeep.

Decorate little pots with paint and designs, then fill them with as many succulents as you like. Try arranging a couple of cacti together for a Southwestern touch.

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5. Keep It Vibrant

While it may be tempting to exactly match the wood of your plant stand to the wood of your coffee table, variety is, after all, the spice of life. Follow the Rule of Three above to play with colour without making things seem sloppy. 

Generally, you should select a primary colour, a secondary colour, and an accent colour. Here are some additional ways to brighten up your space:

  • If you generally use basic white or black planters, consider integrating another colour, even if it’s a neutral one like terracotta.
  • For a burst of colour straight on the leaves, try a variegated plant. Philodendron Brasil and other famous variegated variants include

Keep It Vibrant

6. Make The Most Of Your Height

Remember to investigate regions at eye level or above while arranging your plants. Taller plants, such as Fiddle Leaf Fig Trees, are normally only visible on the ground level, but lesser plants allow you to explore new heights. Here are some style ideas to help you get your plant off the ground:

  • Place trailing plants like the Cascading Pothos on shelves and let their tendrils spread out to create a lush jungle effect.
  • If you have a medium-sized plant that is too large for a shelf but too little to act as a focal point on its own, try highlighting it with a plant stand or end table.

7. Fill A Container With Many Plants For Instant Lushness

What prevents a low display from resembling something from a dentist’s office? An elegant pot with a lot of volumes. This cone-shaped planter is filled with five dracaena (from the supermarket), giving it a rich, exotic vibe. 

The striped leaves stand out against the matte black background. Arcing over, they “break” the boundaries of the mod container, creating a clean but not rigid impression. Choose thick plants with glossy foliage while buying. A contemporary saucer with a marble slab provides a touch of class.

Many Plants For Instant Lushness



Adding plants to your home is an excellent way to bring greenery, vitality, and positive energy into your house. Arranging them in your home might be overwhelming with many alternatives and combinations, each with its requirements. 

We hope we’ve made that project a little bit easier by sharing these indoor-plant arrangement ideas. Leave a comment and tell us the plants you’d like to see in your home!

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