tips to create stylish day-to-night looks when traveling

Tips To Create Stylish Day-To-Night Looks When Traveling

Traveling is fun. It is an essential aspect of everyone’s life that helps each one to learn more and to carve the best out of ourselves. With traveling comes posting on social media. Nowadays everyone wants to post about their exciting travels and experiences online. It has become a ritual! With posting, fashion comes into the picture. Everyone likes to look fashionable, pretty, and radiant in their pictures. And why shouldn’t one want it? After all, pictures capture the moment and help us time travel when we look at them after a few months or years may be! When traveling, we’re often trekking around during the day and then go to dinner in the evening. As much as we want to be comfortable, we want to look fashionable and stylish too. We have brought to you some best day-to-night outfit ideas on how to look fantabulous during the day and at the night. We will talk about capsule wardrobes that facilitate versatile clothing pieces we can wear for multiple occasions and to different destinations.

Stylish Day-To-Night Travel Looks


Let’s dive in and understand what will help you to become instantly click-ready.

1) Give Your Hair And Makeup A Makeover

You can attain a whole new and versatile look by just changing your hairstyle and your makeup. A fresh makeup look and styled hair would make the biggest difference. Even a workout outfit can be instantly glammed up with these two things!

 Lipstick can do wonders! A bold lipstick or smoky eyes with glowing skin – you will be amazed to see the results. Always remember to carry a juicy and dark-colored gloss in your handbag. It goes with anything and everything and can instantly brighten your face.

Hair And Makeup A Makeover

2) Scarf It Up

  • During our travels, we generally spend our day sightseeing and exploring the restaurants and cafes at night when we want to have dinner. In these situations, when you don’t even get time to go to your hotel room for changing, you can trust your scarf. It is one of the best day-to-night outfit transformers. 
  • It is one of the simplest and smartest ways to transform your look. You can invest in a nice silk scarf that can transform even pants and a t-shirt or a simple dress into an evening outfit. 
  • Moreover, there are dozens of ways to wear a scarf. Learn two to three types of knots and you are done! Your scarf can serve as a shawl, bolero, necklace, scarf, halter top, or even a statement piece if you learn how to wear it fashionably. 
  • Make your outfit neutral by wearing black jeans and a white top, and then add color with a scarf.

3) Try A Blazer

Who says Blazers are just for the office? Or just fit for formal occasions? This is a classic layer that can replace a cardigan or jacket in a dressy way. You can easily transform your look with a blazer, and it’s a good layering piece, as well as a little more professional than a cardigan.

There are lots of styles you can choose from when it comes to blazers. If you’re going to a cooler location, choose a wool blend, and if you’re going to a warmer location, choose a cotton or rayon blend. Even though black is always classic if you tend to wear dark neutrals like navy and blue, try a colorful one.

Try A Blazer

4) Wear A Skirt Instead Of Pants

A stylish look is particularly important when visiting Europe. However, changing your bottoms is all you need to dress up for the evening. Switching your pants with a black skirt is the easiest option and is an instantly dressier one.

If you’re looking for a casual look for the daytime, wear jeans and a blouse, while if you want a more formal look for the evening, wear a skirt and booties.

5) Try Changing Your Shoes

The real game changers are shoes and the trendy accessories. Furthermore, they determine how comfortable you are! You can easily shift from sneakers to heels or ballet flats.

It’s best to wear sneakers, flat boots, or sandals with your jeans and blouse during the day when you have to do lots of walking and sightseeing. Change your shoes for evening shoes such as dressy sandals, heeled booties, or flats.

Try Changing Your Shoes

6) Put On Some Ostentatious Jewelry

  • Jewelry or statement pieces can give you a whole new look and give you a more spiced-up look than the casual one. Always carry a big dangly pair of earrings and a necklace to add on to your casual look and make you dinner-ready instantly. 
  • If you decide to wear your hair up, add dangly earrings, and if you decide to go with a more neutral outfit, go for a statement necklace or bracelet.
  • Aside from dressing up any look, jewelry is also lightweight and easy to pack. If you worry about losing your expensive jewelry, keep costume jewelry or less expensive pieces at home.

7) Try Wearing A Jumpsuit

A trendy jumpsuit makes the perfect day-to-night outfit idea. Suitable for day-to-night wear, it’s the ideal women’s travel wear option. When the sun starts to set, just remove a cropped jacket or blazer. 

This way you can instantly change your look without putting in much effort. 

Try Wearing A Jumpsuit

8) Choose Dark Pants

Dark pants make the best day-to-night outfit as they can be paired with anything and everything. You can add a light or neutral-colored jacket, blazer, or formal shoes, and instantly get ready for the night. 



Try to make the most out of your capsule wardrobe by mixing and matching different clothing items. Invest in statement jewelry pieces to spice things up and attain that night look instantly. Always go for neutral outfits that can be matched with any jewelry and accessory piece

We have tried to pull some best day-to-night outfit ideas to help you choose the right thing from a lot of options available. We hope that you have found these tips useful. So, what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and get moving. 

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