things to know when flying for the first time

Things to Know When Flying for the First Time

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If this is your first flight and you have not an experience of an air travelling earlier, no worries then, here we will provide you the complete guidelines and share flight experiences, so that you would get a hassle free as well as tension free journey. Here we go with the things first time flyers need to know are:

Up to Date Passport:

Your passport should be up to date or have six months left before the passport get expire because some countries will not give you an entry in their country if your passport is outdated.

Make a Checklist before Leaving for the Airport:

Here are some important things that you have to go through before leaving to the airport and that are:

  • Check your passport and keep an additional photo ID with you such as a driving license.
  • If you are going to be travelling internationally then you required a visa from the destination country.
  • You need to carry some cash in the currency of the destination country.
  • Luggage should be packed and locked, carefully.
  • Carry limited luggage according to the terms and conditions of the airways.
  • Carry your ticket with you carefully.
  • Be sure about the airport and terminal of your flight.
  • Be sure about your transport, destination address and phone numbers.
  • You also need to carry the photocopies of your passport, insurance, visa, and booking details with you.
  • You can carry some normal and essential medications in your handbag.

Check the status of your flight – one of the great tips for first time flyers

You can check your flight status online that it is at the right time or got delayed, as we all know that anything can be happened with air travel, it might be happening due to the bad weather or mechanical failure. If your flight has been cancelled or delayed then you have no need to leave for the airport.

What Time you should arrive to The Airport:

It is more important that you should reach to the airport at least two to three hours before, sometimes, it takes a long time during entry as well as checking procedure. If you got late due to any reason you might be missing your flight at the last moment.

Flying for the first time what do I need to know that how to Check in for a Flight

At the time of check-in you need to show your ID proof, valid passport and visa, and your flight booking information at the desk of checking.

Next, you have to go through the luggage checking as well as labeled with the tracking number, you will get a receipt from the check-in department which you need to keep carefully into your purse so that you can contact with the airport employees in the situation of lost or delayed of your luggage.

Airport Security Checking:

When you all done with your luggage, now the time of airport security checking. Here, at this time you have to show your id proofs, passport, visa and boarding pass to any of the uniformed airport employee when you have been asked.

Here, are some more things you should know if you are flying for first time that includes:
You will be asked to remove your gadgets from your carrier-bag.

  • You have to remove your purse, mobile phone, belt, coins, keys and any other thing which is of metal and keep into a tray.
  • Don’t forget to put off your foot wears, you are advised to wear slip-one or flip-flops to save your precious time.
  • Remove your jacket
  • At this time you will get to know that how liquids, can mess up your security check-in, so, always advised that not to carry more than 100ml fluid or liquid with you And let all the things go through the security scanner.

It’s a Time to Board Your Flight:

When you have all done, this is the time to relax and look forward to your flight. At this time you need to concentrate at the announcements for your boarding time or keep an eye on the TV for further updates. Once, you get a final call for the boarding to the flight, you are ready to go for the boarding.

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