these destinations are best to visit before you turn 30

These Destinations Are Best To Visit Before You Turn 30

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Being a millennial, you must wonder sometimes are you getting older? Well, no! Rather you are being fitter and better with time. Nah… we are not saying for the sake of saying; we meant it. If you have exploited whatever you had in the early 20s are all set to celebrate the farewell of 2 decades of your life. Here in this blog, we are going to tell you about the wonderful, incredible, and most amusing places to visit before turning 30.

There are so many destinations to visit in your life but if you are under 30, these are the best recommendations for you internationally.

Best Vacation Spots & Places

1. Paris, France

Umm… the name has some feeling, no? Parisss. An absolute destination for everyone. No matter if you are single, taken, heartbroken. Paris is Paris! :p

No, we are not just talking about Eiffel Tower. The Roaring River Park, Coma De Ransol, The Enchanted Gardens, Elbow Beach and what not! Do water sports, taste different coffees, and enjoy the natural beauty of Paris. Yes! Not to forget to explore the local streets.

If you are planning to make a list of destinations, then keep Paris on the top.


2. Rome, Italy

What comes first in mind when you hear ‘Rome’? The museums? Probably, it is one of the reasons it is here in this list, holding the second position. These are not the basic museums and monuments. The kind of architecture you will explore here can not be seen anywhere else in the world. If you like history and Classical architecture. You must visit Rome. It is the city of art and incredible food.

3. Venice, Italy

Just a few miles away, there’s a city called Venice. It is known as one of the unique cities in the world which makes it worth keeping it here in this list.

The beautiful bridges, atmospheric streets, carnival celebrations, and gondola rides. Everything is just amazing.  One of the most perfect destinations for a perfect adios to your 20s.

Venice Italy

4. New York, USA

The city that never sleeps. The long huge buildings, flashy Broadway performances, exclusive shops, and of course, the world-famous ~ Statue of Liberty.

Walk like Rachel & Phoebe from F.R.I.E.N.D.S in Central Park, explore the fast-moving culture of New York in the local streets and see the height of the city from the Empire State Building.

5. Prague, Czech Republic

Usually, people say that Prague is best for couples. Indeed. However, it is partially true. Its well-preserved castles, dreamy bridges, nightlife spots, medieval squares, are not to be missed. 

No worries if you are single, just go and experience Prague’s centuries of history and cultural heritage. Prague Czech Republic

6. Budapest, Hungary

Most of the people are not even from this place but it’s too famous for its rejuvenating thermal baths. If you are someone who craves good spas and hospitality, this place is a must. Rather, everyone should visit Budapest before 30 to experience the pleasure it offers.

7. Berlin, Germany

We have heard and studied a lot about Berlin history. The wars, judiciary. It’s your opportunity to go and see everything in real life. Also, do not feel disheartened if you do not have the likewise interests. Berlin still has many attractions for its tourists. The museums, like Egyptian Museum, Berlin Cultural Forum, etc. Berlin Germany

8. Sydney, Australia

If you are planning Sydney, you will definitely go to The Opera House and the Harbor Bridge but there are many more things to do in Sydney. Relax at the iconic beaches, and have fun in the amazing zoos of Sydney. 

Moreover, the scenic views of local streets should not be skipped at any cost.  It is one of the destinations which you can visit solo too.

9. Tokyo, Japan

Do you know the Olympics 2022 is to be held in Tokyo? If you are a sportsaholic, you must check for the tickets and plan your trip to Tokyo. In this way, you will fulfill two amazing things that people urge for; an international trip, and a live Olympics.

Oops! We forgot. Do not worry if you are unable to make it in 2022. Still, this place is a must to visit for its culture, luscious landscapes, and natural beauty. Everything in one place!

Tokyo Japan

10. Bangkok, Thailand

The capital of Thailand and the most loved place for the bachelors, Thailand. The tropical nature, picturesque views, the world’s No.1 food and its Buddhist culture. Everything is just amazing. It’s the best place to visit with friends or loved ones.

If you are foody, you will be amazed by the spices, blends, beverages that Thailand has. Also, the spectacular landscapes of the city are just amazing.

The Final Words


If you are all set to pack your bags and celebrate your 20s farewell, here is the list of destinations to visit before turning 30. Check the flights, hotels, and do not forget to get the best of discounts by doing quick research on Google. Also, if you have already visited one of the above places or you feel there is a place which you want us to include, do share it in the comment section. Hope you had a great time reading with us.

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