the negative health impact of stress

The Negative Health Impact of Stress

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While many of us know about the emotional impact of stress, we often overlook the impact stress can have on our physical wellbeing. However, the health effects of stress are many and varied. In fact, stress can be the factor behind small discomforts to serious illnesses.

How Does Stress Affect Our Health?

There is still a lot about the science of stress which remains to be understood. However, recent research has demystified much about the stress response and the ways in which it can negatively affect the body. Researchers now claim that that many of these issues are brought about by the chemical reactions which are caused by the stress response which have the ability to temporarily change normal bodily functions.

Managing Stress

Stress can heighten your exposure to serious health conditions such as heart problems, diabetes and high blood pressure. So, it’s critical that you learn effective stress management techniques to stay healthy. Some examples of these include:

  • Making healthy lifestyle choices
  • Seeking the help of a professional
  • Breathing exercises
  • Meditation

Discover More

If you are interested in the science of the stress cycle and would like to learn more about how it can affect your health, then you should browse through the infographic guide below from Study Medicine Europe.


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