how to take a screenshot on pc easily and accurately

How To Take A Screenshot on PC Easily and Accurately

Sometimes, while working on the computer, you may need to show or explain something that you are doing on your computer. You can either communicate verbally or use screenshot to explain to the recipients what exactly do you want to show to others. If you know how to take a screenshot on PC (a picture of the screen), your task becomes much more easier. This article provides useful tips to PC users about How To Take a Screenshot Easily on both Windows or Mac and use it for their intended purpose.

Taking a Screenshot on Windows

No matter what version of Windows you are using- Windows 10, 8,7, Vista or XP, you can take screenshots in Windows in the same way. It is very easy and you don’t need to anything more than using the relevant keys on your keyboard.

  • Just press the PrtScn button on the keyboard. The print screen button on your keyboard is specially integrated in your keyboard to help PC users take the perfect and accurate screenshot. Hitting this button once and you will be able to save the screenshot of the entire screen in one single image.
  • Another alternative is to hit Alt+PrtScn buttons simultaneously. Hitting these two keys on your keyboard at the same time will allow you to take a screenshot of the active or foremost window you are focused on. Select the window to ensure that it is in focus, and then strike both of these keys together.
  • For PC users using Windows 8 or newer version, hitting Windows key simultaneously with PrtScn button will take a screeshot of the entire screen and save it by default in the subfolder named Screenshots.

As we can read, Windows is great for users who are looking to take basic screenshots. But it can also be that you may want to fine tune or edit your screenshots which can only be possible if you use one of the popular and free applications with advanced features. Mentioned below are some popular free screenshot applications for PC users.

  • Greenshot is an awesome screenshot software tool for Windows with advanced features. It quickly creates screenshot of the selected region and you can also capture complete web pages from the Internet Explorer. You can easily annotate, highlight, or blur different parts of a screenshot. Greenshot is easy to grasp and configure, which makes it one of the most preferred screenshot application for project managers, software developers, content and technical writers, testers and average PC users.
  • Screenshot Captor is another user-friendly, advanced screen capture software with webcam support, editing and annotations. Amongst its main features are a wide range of capture options, built-in editing tools, and highly customizable. Quirky interface is its drawback, but all important bits are explained effectively and easy to understand.
  • TinyTake: TinyTake is popular screenshot application amongst PC users and for all the right reasons. It is a versatile multi-purpose screencapper, video recorder, and image editing tool. PC users have the flexibility to capture entire screenshot or parts of the screen. Saved images can be edited with text, special effects, shapes and arrows with built-in editor.

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