Guest Posting Guidelines

Want to guest post on our website? We welcome guest authors, please follow the guidelines before contacting us for guest posting. Your article will go through our pre-screening procedure. If it meets our following guidelines, we will publish it:

Topic of the Article: Topic should be related to our website niche and current published content only.

Title & Summary: Title should be 60 characters minimum with 150 character summary.

Content: Any content that associated with Adult, Gambling, CBD and Pharma will be declined. No irrelevant, affiliate links and no link back to low-quality/spam sites/pages will be considered. Posts that have been published elsewhere/duplicated/poorly written will not be considered.

The Content of the article must be original and should not be promotional. It should include some valuable information for users. 100% Unique, well written with good grammar and spelling Content will be accepted.

Length of the Article: Content length should be at least 800-1000 words minimum.

Keywords: The article does not contain keyword clouds.

Links: We reserve the right to delete excessive back links. However, you are allowed to link to your own content that should be in the last paragraph. Maximum 1-2 link back (dofollow) to your website. We are not accepting any content which is promotional and include random links to business websites.

Images: Articles should be with relevant and unique images.

Editorial: We reserve full review and critique control. If required, our Team will make some minor and needful edits to your article.

We need minimum 5-7 business days to publish your content.

Please send email to with subject Submission for a Guest Post