staying safe in your kitchen

Staying Safe in Your Kitchen

From incredibly hot cookers to sharp implements, not to mention the potential for liquid spillages, there are numerous accidents waiting to happen in the kitchen for people who do not act responsibly. This infographic from Pennywell ( gives very important safety advice on how to behave around cookers, sharp utensils and electrical equipment in the kitchen.

If you think that talk of kitchen accidents is scaremongering, consider these statistics: 1 in 5 house fire deaths can be attributed to negligence in the kitchen, which is also the origin of almost half of all house fires. Indeed, a shockingly high number of house fire deaths stem from seemingly innocuous events like leaving cooking equipment unattended, catching loose clothing on an open flame or locating the heat source unwittingly near combustible materials.

Don’t become another kitchen fatality statistic or allow your family to become one. Educate yourself and those in your home about the importance of kitchen safety. If you don’t, the likelihood of suffering tragedy becomes much greater.


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