statement accessories to make you look more fashionable

Statement Accessories To Make You Look More Fashionable

On the surface, fashion might appear to be people strutting around in expensive clothing. But when you give it some more thought, fashion is always at the forefront of expressing something more significant. People today push themselves harder than ever to stand out from the crowd and make a statement. Although many would argue that anything goes in fashion these days, remember that there is always a fine line between making a fashion statement and coming off as the complete opposite—appearing to be an absolute fashion disaster.

Building minimalist, capsule wardrobes for all occasions is a hot topic these days. They can help you save time, money, and valuable closet space in addition to helping you avoid decision fatigue and guarantee that you always have something to wear. The problem is that sometimes these outfits feel flat. When that occurs, a few accessories can help you quickly and simply spruce up your appearance. Adding just one eye-catching addition can drastically change the look of your outfit, whether it’s a pair of show-stopping shoes or a handbag that makes the entire ensemble stand out. 

How Do You Accessorize?


By adding smaller items to your outfits, such as jewelry and shoes, you can spice them up with accessories. Even though they may have practical uses, fashion accessories are the finishing touches that are chosen to go with the rest of an outfit. You can breathe new life into the tried-and-true pieces in your capsule wardrobe by accessorizing them. Some accessories will instantly make you look more attractive, even though not all accessories will fit everyone’s style. Who wouldn’t want to appear more appealing? We’ll now discuss five accessories that will instantly improve your appearance.

How Do You Accessorize

1. Watches

A high-quality watch that matches your outfit perfectly is the first accessory that instantly increases your attractiveness. A watch is not, and never has been, just for telling the time. It is a means of self-expression and provides a wealth of information about the wearer’s way of life and fashion. You might be thinking, “But why should I wear a watch when I can check the time just as easily from my phone?” Well, allow us to explain. The first thing to note is that psychologically speaking, using a phone makes you less attractive than not using one.

Checking all of your social media and messaging apps as a result of checking the time on your phone is a common practice. It is less likely that you will use your phone as a distraction if you need to know the time and are wearing a watch. When you’re on a date or in a meeting, a glance at your wrist is a much more elegant way to check the time. Not to mention how impolite it would appear to your company if you took out your phone in the middle of a discussion. 

A watch is a much more discrete and practical way to check the time on occasions where it is best to leave the phone hidden, such as at the beach, a funeral, or a wedding. In addition to keeping time, wristwatches serve as fashion accessoriesA watch can reveal a lot about the personality of the wearer. Even the person wearing the watch may not be aware of how it expresses their personality and lifestyle. Therefore, it’s critical to make a wise watch selection.

Any outfit can benefit from the interest that a watch can bring. The fact that anyone can wear a watch, regardless of style, is fantastic. The wide range of wristwatch styles and designs available today makes it simple for anyone to find a timepiece they like. Choose a watch that complements your style. Smaller sizes are typically more delicate and seductive.


2. Bracelets

Jewelry is the icing on the cake of clothing. The second item on our list is a piece of jewelry called a bracelet. Bracelets never go out of style. The most fashionable women right now have wrists that are covered in various colors of precious metals, including gold, rose gold, and silver. If you want to look elegant and modern, go for delicate chains with or without pendants, cuff and bangle bracelets, or bangles. If you want to create an intriguing contrast, stack objects and experiment with different platings and materials.

On its own, a bracelet on a woman’s hand can finish off the look. Many men find a woman more attractive and hold her in higher regard when she is wearing a bracelet. Bracelets and other hand jewelry frequently give the hand a more alluring, slim appearance. Beautiful bracelets undoubtedly enhance the ensemble. Not only do bracelets look fantastic, but women also love them for the way they make them feel. A bracelet that fits you well can enhance your appearance and sense of beauty.


3. Handbags

A handbag is the third accessory. A woman’s bag serves as a status symbol and can reveal a lot about her personality. Your bag will look very different depending on whether it is filthy, misshapen, and worn out versus well-kept, clean, and in good condition. The function of a handbag is just as important as how it appears on the outside. We all know people who always have a jumbled handbag full of unnecessary items. When it comes time for them to find their wallet at the register, it takes them forever to dig through the mess and find anything. 

Keep your bag in its place for the benefit of yourself and others. Keep your handbag neatly organized for the use of both you and those around you. Make it a habit of going through your handbag once a week, rearranging it, and emptying it of anything you don’t need to carry with you every day if you have a terrible habit of just piling things in it like unnecessary receipts and other trash. 

For instance, a woman who carries a small bag, such as a crossbody bag, gives the impression that she is carefree and easygoing because she only needs a few essentials, such as her phone, wallet, and keys. Someone who has a brand-new, pricey designer bag is interested in fashion and willing to spend a lot of money to stay ahead of the curve. 

Anyone carrying a sports bag is likely running to practice and represents a sporty and active lifestyle. Owning a variety of pricey designer handbags is not necessary to convey a sophisticated lifestyle through your handbags. The brand typically adds the extra 00’s to the end of the price tag for these types of bags. These days, numerous high-quality bags are still reasonably priced. Many women identify as “bag freaks,” meaning they adore handbags and frequently have more than they need. The cheaper prices make it simpler for bag collectors to expand their selection and buy a bag for every outfit they desire.


4. Jewelry

Any simple outfit can look elegant and have a touch of class by adding a statement piece of jewelry to it. We advise you to design a versatile jewelry collection for yourself. You can buy some bold, glittery pieces in addition to minimal bets. Add a few statement designs to your jewelry collection when you’re shopping because they instantly transform any item of clothing. You can quickly achieve an elegant look by donning a basic black dress with heels and adding statement earrings or a neckpiece, depending on the outfit’s design and style.

5. Sunglasses

Okay, so the problem with sunglasses is that different styles are constantly in and out of fashion, which encourages you to buy less expensive models. But I’m here to warn you that those can seriously damage your vision. This is one essential accessory that will cost you a little extra. If nothing else, spend money on a pair of timeless Ray-Bans, which are always a good choice. I generally favor oversized, all-black sunglasses.

Wrapping Up


This list is meant to be a quick addition to your essential wardrobe basics. There’s a lot of room for experimentation when it comes to accessories, and this list could go on forever. But just like everything worthwhile, this blog too must come to an end. If you currently own any of these accessories, let me know in the comments section.

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