social media couple

Social Media Couple

Weddings are such special occasions: you get to make a commitment to the one you love in front of your family and friends and really celebrate the moment. In today’s modern world, people are practically never without their phones. The Internet and smartphones are pretty much ubiquitous as people feel a need to always be contactable. Coupled with this is the rise in the use of social media in a very short space of time. Platforms like Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram and others have millions and millions of profiles and people love to share their lives with friends, family and even strangers. The issue of privacy and invasiveness arises sometimes with social media at weddings. Some couples prefer to have total control over what is posted about their big day. The groom might not want shots of him from awkward angles and the bride might prefer to keep her wedding dress images heavily curated.

Everyone has their reasons. Then there are those couples who really embrace social media in the run up to the wedding day and on the actual day. They might even create a hashtag for guests to use in order to keep all their images under one umbrella where everyone can enjoy them. Why might a couple embrace social media on their big day? They might see it as a way of getting as much content for the purposes of memories that they can easily look back on years ahead. They also might enjoy the limelight and treat social media “coverage” as an extension of that. The guys at Loyes have put together this infographic below which explains how to be that social media savvy couple and how to do it right. Check out all the details below!

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