sleep science & your home

Sleep Science & Your Home

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Not achieving a good night’s sleep can have a major impact on a person’s day and general outlook. We need sleep for our bodies to naturally restore themselves and re-energise so it’s a vitally important segment of our lives that we need to get right. Spending a night effectively tossing and turning is immensely upsetting and creates anxiety also. It’s a vicious circle because the more we focus on sleep being an issue, the more likely we are to experience sleep problems because we’re making the whole thing a complex for ourselves.

While there are medical routes one can take, there are also things and behaviours a person can take in order to fight back against a negative sleep pattern. In our busy lives, it can be difficult to disconnect from work and from social media so this is something we can begin with in terms of creating a positive environment for sleep. The ubiquity of technological devices like phones and tablets now means that people are less likely be able to switch off but people need to make the decision to do that themselves. Their mind will be less chaotic as a result but there are other methods to look at too in order to promote a good sleep environment.

The guys from EZ Living have put together this infographic which outlines exactly what you need to know in order to tackle any sleep issues that you may have. It also examines some interesting sleep statistics data which might surprise you! Check out all the information below and start building towards a restful night’s sleep once again!

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