signs of bad parenting that negatively influence your child’s behaviour

Signs Of Bad Parenting That Negatively Influence Your Child’s Behaviour

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Every stage of parenting is challenging, regardless of your children’s age. How you interact with your children and the parenting style you employ on them has a significant impact on their personalities and future, even though it can be tough to understand what parenting approach would work best for the children. It significantly affects how children develop and achieve success in the future. We develop lousy parenting habits when we don’t understand how it affects our children. Every parent wants their children to succeed and be responsible adults. Some parents want the best for their children, but poor parenting often gets in the way.

Before judging yourself for not being good enough for your children, consider other parents’ difficulties during this stage. Attempting to be perfect is a long shot, given these difficulties. Although it is impossible to be a parent who does everything perfectly, trying new things is never wrong. Let’s examine parents’ difficulties, the biggest parenting mistakes, and how they impact the kids.

What Is Bad Parenting?


Some things are universally regarded as “bad” by all people. Most of us associate poor parenting with the most severe and harmful behavior traits—physical abuse, neglect, emotional abuse, and sexual abuse. These are issues that need to be resolved right away with expert assistance. Beyond child abuse and neglect, however, parents may use other actions or words that might unintentionally harm a child. Knowing whether you’re engaging in those behaviors can improve your parenting confidence.

What Is Bad Parenting

It can be complicated to evaluate your parenting style honestly. It’s crucial to first distinguish between the behavior and the individual. If you disagree with someone’s beliefs or parenting approach, don’t immediately label them as a “bad parent” or yourself. Understanding the distinction between having a bad day and being a bad parent is also critical. It’s not the same thing to tell your child, “I’m smart, and you’re dumb,” or “I’m right, and you’re wrong, and there’s nothing you can do about it.” to lose your temper occasionally. Most parents exhibit positive and negative parenting behaviors, even though some disagree about what constitutes “good” or “bad” parenting.

What Are The Signs Of Bad Parenting?

1. Excessive Reprimanding Of The Child:

Reprimanding, or “scolding,” in other words, can hurt your child’s mind. This will cause your child to hide things from you and make it difficult for them to express their feelings. When your child confides in others rather than you, it will become increasingly difficult for you to influence them positively. They will always be afraid of you and develop trust issues because they believe their parents do not ‘understand’ them.

2. All Advice, No Encouragement: 

Continuously giving your child pieces of advice without any words of encouragement can harm their minds. Because your child has never received support from someone they looked up to, they will always feel ineffective and defeated. The next time you give them advice, compliment them on their positive traits or express empathy to ensure they continue to value it.

All Advice, No Encouragement

3. Lack Of Support: 

Your child needs support, particularly during stressful times, like right before exams. Performance pressure is intense. Being there for your child in such circumstances, which occur numerous times a year, can boost their morale and enable them to perform with greater self-confidence.

4. Overprotective Personality:

It’s important to be protective, but going overboard will only make them reliant and fearful. Your child will struggle to make friends and constantly hesitates to try new things. Between pampering and spoiling kids, there is a fine line. In theory, it is unhealthy for parents to take extraordinary measures to safeguard, support, and accommodate their children.

5. The Child Is Being Disciplined In Front Of Everyone:

Another poor parenting behavior is screaming or reprimanding children in front of them. Parents are unaware that this is a poor way to discipline a child. Their poise will be negatively impacted, and they’ll feel humiliated. Your child might end up being teased and bullied by other children as a result.

What Are The Effects Of Bad Parenting?


There may be several causes for poor parenting, but when you are unable to look after your kids, it can result in several things, including:

1. Depression

Children of emotionally abusive parents may suffer as a result. You might be inadvertently abusing your child by doing things that hurt them emotionally. Anxiety, rage, depression, and a pessimistic mindset are all consequences of poor parenting. Poor parenting will impact your child’s future and make them into the wrong person or parent when they grow up.


2. Antisocial Behaviours

Children of emotionally abusive parents may suffer as a result. You might be inadvertently abusing your child by doing things that hurt them emotionally. Anxiety, rage, depression, and a pessimistic mindset are all consequences of poor parenting. Poor parenting will impact your child’s future and make them the wrong person or parent when they grow up. So you must develop good child behaviour.

3. Lack Of Compassion For Others

Children act in social situations as their parents do. A child who experiences indifference at home is likely to exhibit the same emotion at school and in other settings. These kids eventually grow apathetic toward other people.

4. Difficulty Forming Long-Lasting Friendships And Relationships

It may be the result of bold behavior or low self-esteem, both of which would have developed due to an authoritarian parenting style. According to studies, children who don’t receive emotional support from their parents may struggle to regulate their emotions and find it difficult to interact with others.

5. Criminal Behavior

Some parents use physical punishment on their children because they think it is the only effective way to discipline misbehaving kids. The child may believe it is acceptable to strike someone for any reason if physical repulsion is used repeatedly. This belief develops into a sinful desire to intentionally harm others as the child grows into adulthood.

Criminal Behavior

In A Crux


Parenting is a complex job. It requires tolerance, perseverance, love, compassion, and understanding. Everybody has days when they second-guess their parenting decisions. Because we adore our children, we want what is best for them. Remember that you are learning as you go along and that each day is an opportunity to start over. We can all choose the type of parent we want to be if we have the right resources and the patience to be patient with our kids and ourselves.

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