how your shoes affect your health

How Your Shoes Affect Your Health

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Many of us don’t appreciate how important it is to look after our feet until it’s too late. Our feet are possibly the hardest workers in the body, taking the average person 115,000 miles in their lifetime. They get us where we need to go and receive little love in return.

When Your Feet Hurt, You Hurt All Over

Research has shown that 9 in 10 people experience some sort of foot problem at during their lives. In many ways, the feet act as the foundation of our body, so when something goes wrong with them it can cause a range of other issues affecting the rest of the body.

How Your Shoes Affect Your Health

The good news is that in many cases foot problems are entirely preventable. One of the most effective ways of keeping our feet healthy is by investing in appropriate footwear. Studies have revealed poorly designed or ill-fitting footwear to be one of the primary causes of foot issues. In fact, a whopping nine in ten women’s foot deformities can be traced back to bad shoes. In addition to damaging our feet, bad footwear has also been shown to lead to a whole host of health problems including joint pain, back problems, and impaired balance.

Finding the Right Shoes for You

If you would like to learn more about how your shoes affect your health, we recommend that you read this infographic from the team at Walsh Brothers Shoes. It includes some fascinating information about the feet in general and offers some practical pointers for your next shoe-shopping trip. This guide also takes you through a number of basic foot care activities you can experiment with at home to build up your feet’s strength and flexibility.

Don’t be a fashion victim, read the infographic below and learn how to keep your feet happy and healthy for life.

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