running a successful coffee shop

Running a Successful Coffee Shop

Many people dream of owning their own coffee shop but it is far from easy to be successful. There is just so much competition and local coffee shops can struggle to compete against some of the chain coffee shops that seem to dominate every city. This infographic from Espresso Works takes a look at what it takes to run a successful coffee shop and you need much more than great coffee.

Using social media effectively is a good starting point and many coffee shops fall short in this regard. You can use social media to offer your followers incentives to return to your shop. Maybe you have a day with half price lattes so why not tell your social media audience about it. How else will they find out?!

Promotions are great but be deliberate about how you run them. Don’t offer promotions that will completely erode your margins as in the long-run this could kill your business. Read the full infographic now and learn how to run a really great coffee shop.


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