royal residencies

Royal Residencies

We all have heard and read the stories of Kings and Queens in our childhood and few may have dreamt and visualized how it may feel dwelling in the kingly palaces. The good thing is we all may not get to live the royal life, but we certainly can visit and witness these majestic abodes of Monarchs.

We have numerous palaces and castles in the UK which are flocked by thousands every year, to glimpse the Royal life over the decades. These Royal bastions exude mystery and engulf millions of stories of several generations. Few of these grand domiciles are known for the occasional sighting of entities & eerie activities.

This Infographic is a compile of the Royal Residencies with the exciting brief on when to visit and what to expect here.

Hope this gets you thrilled to take on your trip to historic landmarks and to soak in the Royalty and magnificence of these palaces and fortress.

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