why do more people choose to be vegan, nowadays?

Why Do More People Choose to be Vegan, Nowadays?

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Nowadays, more and more people are switching to the vegetarian and vegan diets for many reasons like they wish to stop eating meat, fish, poultry and animal products such as milk and milk products, honey, eggs, etc. But why they want to stop eating meat, fish or animal products? Because, there are many other reasons they have, such as they want to contribute in saving environment, saving an animal’s life, saving food for poor countries, and personal reasons are also there like they want to get a slim and healthy body to look good etc.

A Small Introduction of Term Vegan:

The Vegan term can be defined as a strict vegetarian diet which excluded all kinds of meats, poultry products and animal products. Vegan people are strict with vegetarian diet and they also don’t use products that made from animals such as wool, leather, and domestic products like cleaners that contain animal based content.

Mostly, people set their resolutions on New Year eve to make their life more happening and beautiful than ever, it may be included eating healthy, shed some extra pounds from the body, and make more efforts to make this world a better place. These all tasks can be done by switching to the vegan diet. But, some other reasons are also there like.

Getting Healthier:

Vegan diets are mostly being adopted by the people who want to get a healthier lifestyle as vegan diets include fiber rich foods, but meat doesn’t contain fiber. Vegan people also eating unhealthy food made from sugar, salt and trans fat, but the vegan people consuming lots of fiber and healthy food against the meat-eating people. Moreover, vegan people will have a lower risk of not cholesterol problem in near future as well as they know that cholesterol comes from the animal products. Vegetarian people usually are slimmer than the people who eat meat.

Many people also become vegetarian because they don’t like the taste of meat and they found that it is harmful for their health too, as meets are usually injected with pesticides to preserve them for a long time, and also it is a great source of cholesterol which is not good for health. Good reasons to be a vegan is also included that:

  • People are aware of the benefits of vegan diets as they will have a lower risk of getting cancer like prostate, colon, breast and skin cancer.
  • The meat-eating people are at a high risk of getting cardiovascular disease, as compared to the vegan dietaries.
  • Sometimes people like to switch to a vegan diet just to detoxify the body.
  • People with overweight can easily shed their extra weight without doing more physical efforts and they just need to follow a vegan diet. They can easily lose as vegan diet is a good source of fiber. The vegan diet helps to maintain the desired weight so people have got a one more reason to become vegetarian.

To Save Environment: people who have set their resolution on new year’s eve that do more efforts to make this world a better place, can accomplish this task easily by just adopting a vegan diet. The vegetarian diet saves the environment by several ways, such as meats and other livestock needs excessive water for preservation, while that water can be used for other purposes. So, people love to be going vegetarian when they know that what they will do for the environment with fewer efforts.

Ethical Reasons: vegetarian people have ethical reasons to be stuck with vegan diets as they don’t use products that are made from animals, because they don’t want that any exploitation could be done with the animals for any reason. They neither buy nor sell things which are made from animals like leather purses, leather shoes, leather belts, fur, and wool.

Save Water:

As we discussed earlier that raising cattle requires excessive amount of water that could be used for other purposes. According to the Vegan Society, more than one third grain is used to feed the animals in count yard, which would be killing to feed the meat-eating people else that grain would be enough to feed the poor countries worldwide.

The people who have chosen to be a vegan, have healthier lifestyle and have a lower risk of diseases, so, be a vegan is better than to be a meat-eater.

3 thoughts on “Why Do More People Choose to be Vegan, Nowadays?”

  1. I never really missed meat ever since I became vegetarian AND this article gave me more reasons to continue being Vegan, Cheers !!!

  2. I have a few vegetarian friends and would like to know why most people choose this path? Is there a moral philosophy behind being vegetarian or is it related to health ?

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