parkour: london guide

Parkour: London Guide

Parkour has been pursued for a long time but has garnered acceptance in recent years. For the naive, it is an activity or sport of moving rapidly through a space, typically in an urban setting, crossing obstacles by running, jumping, swinging and climbing. Earlier it was practised as an obstacle course in the training of French military and lately has acquired a category of recreational activity.

The UK has formally acknowledged Parkour as a sport and London has become a hub of Traceurs due to its diverse infrastructure making it suitable to explore their skills.

RubberBond has put up an Infographic exhibiting the apt Parkour locations and route guidelines in London where you can work on your flips, leaps & vaults.

Traceur or not, you still can tour these spots and enjoy the enthralling activity of individuals leaping huge heights, running and swinging with fluidity and reaching the destination.

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