optimizing the route via gps for better and fast service

Optimizing the Route via GPS for Better and Fast Service

There numerous ways used by several small to large sized trucking companies for staying in touch with their drivers and their rigs. One of the most common options used nowadays is using cell phones. However, there are sometimes when the driver doesn’t answer the call, for this using route optimization software and employing a GPS tracker, fitted to each vehicle, transport managers can effectively direct business operations, ensure good customer service and help save on running costs. With the help of software company can contact the driver regarding the best route available which doesn’t have traffic. This decreases the time taken for the delivery of the goods and increases the rating as the customer feels happy when the items arrive on time.

Modern GPS trackers can give effective real-time information during a vehicle’s working day, feeding back telemetric data on a vehicles position, direction, speed, and attitude. This can be up to the minute information or with a time delay, for example, every half an hour. This enables fleet controllers and dispatch operators to have instant knowledge of exactly where their vehicles are throughout the day.

Instant responses and flexible driver routes benefit from a more up to date feedback, whereas economical route selection may better result from analysis of driver patterns over a longer period. Map scalability can also affect GPS system choice, as the level of accuracy will determine what size and detail of the map you require. Certain mapping systems are capable of indicating postcodes and exact street locations, while others include a host of local landmarks and street features that make giving directions more straightforward.

The route optimization software and tracking system are essential for reducing hidden costs and negative performances. If you feel that your fleet is slowing down, you can chart and compare the performance of each vehicle. It would help you identify the specific one responsible for the delay. You can use the assisted information on the vehicle to see the reason for its decrease in performance. This would help you guide it to a solution, increasing overall speed. When delivering the goods in big cities it becomes difficult to bypass the traffic especially during evening time, with the help of this software experts can divert the fleet accordingly. The route chosen are those who don’t have lots of turns and is traffic free; this ensures that the customer gives a positive rating to the firm linked with it.

Some of the top GPS fleet management systems can provide information on how the vehicle was driven. This means that they can give you the current speed of the vehicle as well as average speeds. Comparing this to road conditions and weather in a specific location can be effective in talking to drivers about driving safety and reducing the risk of accidents on the road. This will tell them whether there is any problem with the driver or the vehicle if there is then a team is sent for repairing any damaged part of the fleet.

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