new year celebration tradition over the world

New Year Celebration Tradition Over the World

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All over the world, people celebrate New Year’s Eve in different unique styles following their cultures. All around the world kids exchange gifts and receive wishes or blessing for the coming year. This occasion is a very beautiful excuse to visit new places to enjoy their traditional way of its celebration.

1. Spain

At New Year’s Eve people in Spain eat grapes. They consider it very lucky. They eat a grape while making wishes with each of twelve chimes. Some Spaniards celebrate family dinner and then late night they rush out to nightclubs to celebrate until morning.

2. Belgium

In Belgium, A special name “Sint Sylvester Vooranvood”, named after their Holy Saint. 31st December is considered very auspicious; and they prepare very hard to celebrate this eve. There is a very sweet ritual which is followed by all kids of the country. Children write New Year wishes and greetings for their Parents, Elders and Godparents. They decorate these letters with roses, ribbons, stickers, so that those look attractive. They also read it out loud when the clock strikes 12.

3. Greece

As the sign of good luck and prosperity, Greeks before entering their houses, break pomegranate on the doorstep on New Year’s Day.They also hang onions on the doors on New Year’s Eve. This is a symbol of rebirth.

4. Denmark

People in Denmark, throughout the year save some food and on New Year’s Eve throw it to the doorstep of their near and dear one’s. If someone gets many dishes on their door step indicates that he will have many good friends and will enjoy a flourish relationship with friends and relatives.

5. Japan

In Japan, On occasion of New Year people use to clean their houses. They send cards to their relatives and friends. These cards stateGratitude and wish “New Year” to their loved ones. On New Year’s Eve, The New Year’s God called Toshigami is welcomed by ringing their bells108 times in all Buddhist Temples.

6. Estonia

Estonians have belief that they should eat food seven, nine or twelve times on the occasion of The New Year. This assures the abundance of food in the coming year. They believe that by eating seven, nine or twelve meals, they will get the energy of that many people in the coming year. They don’t consume entire food; they left some food for the spirits and ancestors, who come to their house on New Year’s Eve. Their favorite New Year traditional drinks are beer, wine and champagne.

7. Germany

In Germany, New Year is called “Neujahr”. While celebrating New Year’s Eve German people abide with their traditions. They predict their future by placing molten lead in cold water. Then the shape formed will be considered to forecast the future like pig shape indicates plenty of food and heart shape says about marriage.People in Germany leave their New Year’s Eve’s food till midnight believing that it brings prosperity and lots of food in following year.

8. China

The Chinese celebrate New Year’s Eve with great enthusiasm. Many traditional performances like Dragon Dance and Lion Dance can be seen in various cities of china. People set off firecrackers and fireworks. They also worship their ancestors. A huge parade is joined by Chinese people who are led by a silk dragon. This is a symbol of strength. The main color of this occasion is Red. Every street, house, office is decorated with Red Lanterns.

9. Jewish

Jewish New Year is known as Rosh Hashanah. Jewish follow their traditions blindly. According to their tradition, the book of all good and bad deeds is maintained. People have to apologize for their bad actions and misbehaviors. They also promise to follow good deeds in the coming year. It is believed that if people make sincere apologies then God can write well for you.

10. Serbia

People in Serbia decorate their houses externally and internally as well. According to their tradition, all windows, doors, furniture, chairs and tables should be decorated with bay leaves or mistletoe. It is believed that decorating with evergreen springs will gives rebirth of nature again, when after long winter nature seems dying.

11. Iran

In the Islamic Republic of Iran “New day” is the most celebrated holiday. It is also known as Nowruz. They celebrate it on the first day of spring. For Nowruz Iranians start cleaning their homes in advance. They clean their curtains, windows, doors and furniture. They also throw out old stuff from their house in order to welcome the coming spring. In public places bonfires are set up by people to ensure good health for the coming year.

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