mobile apps to calculate tax and track income tax refund

Mobile Apps to Calculate Tax and Track Income Tax Refund

Approximately 53% population pays income tax. People should have basic knowledge of tax laws. It is the foremost thing that individual of every country should know whether he is liable to pay tax. In case individual is liable, then he should know how much to pay. So there are a number of apps which provide assistance to taxpayers to properly calculate their taxes.


IRS2Go is an Official app of Internal Revenue Services which helps taxpayers to pay taxes on time and keep a check on refund status.  This app is also useful to find Volunteer Income Tax Assistance and other locations from which taxpayers can take help. Taxpayers can directly call to IRS to ask their queries regarding taxation matters. It also provides information regarding refund status. You can also reproduce past tax returns in this app. The new version of this app allows you to make payment of taxes directly through your bank account, Debit or credit card. You can download this app from Google Play store or iTunes App store.

H&R Block

The H&R Block app is available on Android and iOS for free. This app has many features like Tax estimator, Tax help Centre, My check List and Tax quiz.  Tax estimator helps tax payer to calculate accurate tax liabilities and check refund status.  By accessing tax help Centre, you can ask questions. You can upload your important documents to make them handy for you, when you require them.

TurboTax SnapTax

With TurboTax app user can check their taxes in less time by taking photos of your W-2 from a mobile phone or tablet. You can take help of experts on-screen. Taxpayers who have electronically filed federal and state returns can check their status from this app.  This app also checks that all information is imported properly. All information is saved in encrypted form. Whether the returns are accepted, rejected or pending can be checked with this app. You can download this app for android and iOS .

TaxAct Central

TaxAct Central helps to monitor, refund status easily and quickly.  One can easily track the refund status and status of E-filing Returns categorized by receipts, payments, refund and taxes. Taxpayers are also informed about any error and rejection in the return.

BNA Quick Tax reference

BNB Quick Tax a mobile app which provides many features like Income Tax Rate Schedules for Individuals and Corporates, Capital Gain Taxes, Dividend Taxation, Exemptions, Tax Code Pension and Retirement Plan Limits. You can quickly refer or meet your clients. You can download it on Android, Blackberry and iOS.


TaxCaster is a Tax Refund calculator freely available on Android and iOS. It is a TurboTax App. It is very simple and useful app.  Before preparing your Tax Return, you can approach this for an approximation of taxes or refunds. It will suggest you consider the information you provided to it.

Every taxpayer should properly calculate and pay taxes on time to revenue department in order to avoid tax complications and disputes. The more suitable app will make you an obedient taxpayer by letting you know your tax liability and Refund status.

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