miss to mrs – a guide to changing your name


Marriage is uniting of two individuals embracing each other for what they are. And with marriage, comes the question of changing the surname of the bride, as she takes on the journey of amalgamating her life in the husband’s family. It has been a tradition since old times for women to take on the surname of the groom’s family as their life revolved around home, kids and family. There was no much scope for creating a professional identity hence the questions never raised of glitches pertaining to identity crises in professional circle.

But in modern times, women are more independent irrespective of being a career woman or a homemaker. It is up to individual comfort, leaving one’s identity since birth and taking up a new name. Sometimes it may be a hitch in your professional life as you are known by your name while establishing your niche and it becomes an inseparable part of your personality and a name change can be an upheaval.

Nowadays there is a fad of meshing, where the wedded couples merge their surnames. More and more people are drawn towards mixing their surnames keeping the bits of both families. Few couples decide to go for double barrel their names.

However, once you settle on how to advance with the decision on retaining the maiden name or taking up the surname of your better half, dash for the process of the name change, post your wedding.

It could be distressing later if you delay the documentation and informing the concerned offices and departments like Legal, Medical, etc.

Here is a guide to simply aware yourself of the technicalities & requirements regarding the “name-change” to glide smoothly into your wedded life.

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