men’s fashion guide: 6 tips for effortlessly dressing sharp

Men’s Fashion Guide: 6 Tips for Effortlessly Dressing Sharp

How is it that fashion icons such as William Powell and Paul Newman could do anything, from work boots to tuxedos, and still look sharp? Johnny Depp, one of the modern day style icons is well-known for being timelessly stylish too!
The common thread that runs through these men is that they have successfully mastered the art of achieving sartorial elegance.

Dressing well doesn’t have to be daunting, nor does it require you to spend exorbitantly on fashion wear. It simply needs you to have a keen sense of personal styling and grooming.

Also, you get only one chance to make a positive first impression when you meet someone new. Hence, you want to ensure that you start on the right foot.

Here are a few tips that can help you dress sharp and enhance your style.

Quality Footwear Is Essential

First things first. A well-made, appropriately-fitting, and classy pair of footwear is the basic step towards dressing dapper.

Remember the old saying, ‘A man is judged by his shoes’ because it holds true till date.
Wearing worn-out sneakers with an otherwise excellent outfit can ruin your look. In order to prevent that, go for a pair of stylish leather footwear. From saddle shoes and wingtips to brogues and loafers, you can choose from among a sea of brilliant options.

Don’t Follow Fads

Mainstream fashion trends change frequently, which is why pieces that are trendy don’t always make for useful wardrobe staples. Moreover, they tend to be too expensive.

It is better to go for timeless wardrobe essentials as they can help reflect your personality in a consistent manner. Stick to classic clothing staples such as a pair of denim jeans and a crisp white shirt as they will probably never go out of style.

Cotton dress shirts are the backbone of a sharp wardrobe. Whether it’s a formal or a casual occasion, wearing a well-fitting plain white shirt can make you stand apart from the crowd. It works as the ideal accompaniment to a casual blazer or a cardigan, or even on its own. It never fails to give a man a flawless look. This undisputed classic garment works incredibly well, both in and outside the office.

Have a Well-Tailored Suit

Having at least one well-tailored suit is not just important, but vital for every man.

If you don’t have much use for suits look for one with a jacket that could also work with jeans or pants for a smarter and casual look.

Additionally, stick to colors such as black, grey or navy blue, which can easily be teamed with a pastel or a classic white shirt.

Also, when it comes to tailored suits, it is best to have them tailored than buy them ready-made. Though this will require you to put in more effort, it will be worth it.

Give a Tad More Detail to Your Outfit

Did you know you can make a dull outfit interesting by making a few simple changes to it?

Layering can work well here.

Consider you’re wearing a plain grey sweater and denim jeans. It would certainly make for a fine casual outfit, but you can pep it up by wearing a white shirt underneath the sweater with the shirt collar sticking out. That will add more visual appeal to the outfit. Similarly, you could add a blazer over a plain white tee and look sharp instantly.

A few changes here and there can go a long way in enhancing your ensemble. For instance, belts have been an under-appreciated accessory and, more often than not, are overlooked. But there’s more to belts than their use of holding up trousers. They can be used to make a style statement, create a clear distinction between the top and the bottom half, add a unique touch to the formal attire, and tie an outfit together.

This also applies to donning other accessories. Statement watches, tie clips, and pocket squares can help pull your look together and appear stellar.

Invest in Stylish Chinos and Grey Flannel Trousers

Chinos are well-known for three major qualities:

1. Comfort
2. Style
3. Masculinity

Due to their very nature, these lightweight cotton trousers are perfect for any setting. Apart from investing in stylish chinos, you should also go for a timeless piece of menswear – a pair of grey flannel trousers.

These trousers are meant for an upbeat and a classy wardrobe. There are three things about them that you should know. They are:

• Tough enough to resist tearing

• Dark enough to hide stains

• Professional enough to wear with a sports jacket and walk into meeting with a client.

With its soft finish, grey flannel trousers exhibit a feeling of subtle sophistication and refinement. Grey is one of the most neutral of colours, which is why it does an excellent job of matching with everything. It will, therefore, not clash with other colors or patterns on shirts, ties, or jackets.

What You Should Stringently Avoid

Don’t aim to look trendy. Instead, opt for a sophisticated look and dress like a man. Dump those graphic tees and go for casual shirts and polos as they will give you a simple, yet refined look.

Avoid baggy jeans at all costs. Go for a straight-cut, dark-blue pair that fits you perfectly. Remember, a pair of jeans in the right color and fit can look absolutely smashing at the office, as well as for dinner with friends. Too much of anything can never be okay. Whether it is wearing accessories or layering garments, refine your look and wear them in moderation.
Dressing sharp involves wearing clothes that are free from tears, rips, and stains.


When you want to dress well, you need to look for options that best compliment your physique. It’s time to dress sharp and exhibit a certain level of confidence and competence to the world through your dressing. Remember, getting dressed is all about being you. Which is why, you need to think about developing your own style instead of following fashion fads blindly. Put the above-mentioned tips into practice and you will be able to look like a better-dressed version of yourself without seeming too flashy.

About the author:

Katherine Johnson started working as a womenswear stylist after 6 years as fashion critic at reputed fashion magazine. After graduation I started one of the first style blog at CalibreApparel.

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