makeup basics – easy tips that every woman should know

Makeup Basics – Easy Tips that every woman should know

If you ever try to do something new, you always prefer to start with its basic as knowing the basic well will surely help you in attaining mastery over that particular task. All the skills require some basic knowledge whether it’s dance, music, cooking or driving. The same logic applies to makeup. As every women loves to look good, so they must have some basic knowledge regarding makeup so that every time they need not to spend lot of money on saloons.

In basic makeup knowledge, you must know about the essentials of makeup. Makeup is a art and with this art work, you enhance your overall beauty, so the art you do needs perfection on your part.

Basics for applying foundation:

You always want to buy a foundation that gives you a natural look, but it’s not the foundation that gives a natural look, it’s your way of applying the foundation that matters. Choose the color that compliments your skin tone. You basically apply the foundation to hide the imperfections. Try to pick the color from a yellow base. You can pick a good color from your nearby mall or if your budget is low you can buy a cheaper product of the same base color. Once you have got what you want, take a small quantity and start applying it on your face and make sure that you properly blend it with the neck and hair lines, but make sure not to get it in the hair. After that you can apply concealer to those areas which are darker like the eyes and nose and it can also be applied to hide the blemishes. Apply the concealer in small quantity. At last, apply face powder and brush off the excess. This will reduce shine and help seal the foundation.

Basics for eyes makeup:

Your eyes are the most expressive part of your body so the eyes must look beautiful and attractive. You can apply an eye shadow on your eyes according to the occasion, but for the basics choose the color matching with your skin. Blend the eye shadow properly so that it gives a natural look and you can apply it on regular basis. Then take an eyeliner to line the eyes, while applying the liner you should start with the top in the middle and gradually expand to each corner and then lastly at the bottom. You can touch up the liner with an eye shadow the same color to give it a more polished natural look. Then you can apply mascara to make your eyes look more beautiful. Start it by applying in the bottom and then at the top. You can clean any smudges in mascara with a Q-tip.

Basics for the lips:

The very first thing you can do is picking a color for your lips. If you want it for a regular use, you can go for a subtle one. So, you can pick any lighter shades of pink. Try not to choose red color unless it is a very formal event. Start with a lip liner and the color of the lip liner must be matching with the lipstick. First you will want to pick a color. For most occasions, you are going to want it to be subtle. Work your way to the corner of your mouth then do it from the center to the other corner. be sure to follow the natural form of the lip. Don’t try to draw in your idea of a perfect lip. It won’t look natural. Then for the bottom start at one corner and work your way to the other. Once you have done with your lip liner start applying your lip stick to the top and then to the bottom. At last, you can remove the excess lip color by using a tissue and firmly pressing your lips together.

Finally, end with the blush on:

Always try to give yourself a natural look and not an artificial painting look. So, choose your blush carefully. For whitish or light skins a peach or coral color will work well. For darker skin, a wine or burgundy color will be adequate. Apply the blush using a brush and then smile and expose the apples of your cheeks called the cheek bones. Finally, blend it properly so that it looks natural.

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