laser hair removal treatment pre-& post care tips

Laser Hair Removal Treatment Pre-& Post Care Tips

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People often struggle with unwanted hair and are willing to walk that extra step to get rid of them. Hundreds of them complain about the time consuming waxing and threading they go for every two or three weeks on an average. The normal hair removal treatments available are temporary and the hair often grows back periodically because the roots of hair shafts lie beneath skin. Laser Hair removal treatments leave a person frustrated because of its ineffectiveness. Lots of irritated people long to throw away their razors, threads, tweezers and waxing strips and find a permanent way to get rid of unwanted hair growth on the body and face.


Laser Hair Removal to Get Rid of Unwanted Hair

A hairless body is a source of envy for many but conventional methods like tweezing, waxing and shaving causes skin to develop small zits and acne-like breakouts. It’s time to go for strong bright laser light rays that burn hair roots permanently and leave behind a hairless body. Before you go for this beauty treatment you need to study more about Laser Hair Removal Treatment Pre & Post Care Tips

1) Laser treatment demands staying away from strong harsh sun rays for about 7 days before and after treatment.

2) No tanning or sun burning for 15 days before laser treatment is administered.

3) Safe and effective treatments are possible if technician is aware of past medical history.

4) If you are pregnant postpone laser till after birth of baby.

5) Clean shaven areas will be treated properly

6) Remove any colour treatment on skin before taking laser. You try and exfoliate area free of any colour before going under bright rays of light.

7) The numbing care applied on skin before treatment needs to be thoroughly removed before rays hit the skin. Area prepared for laser treatment needs to be totally clean.

8) The face or skin should not be treated with any chemical peels or other procedures two weeks before treatment.

9) No waxing, chemical epilation or tweezing three weeks before laser is scheduled.

10) The person planning on laser treatment needs to be free from cold sores.

11) Stay relaxed and rested for a few hours before treatment.

12) If you are on antibiotics, withdraw for them or complete their course before laser is started because these meds increase photosensitivity on skin.

Post treatment: Every treatment leaves behind a few tell-tale signs or some effects, so you need to be mentally prepared for all this.

1)  After the laser treatment has been done, the skin may develop redness or some minor blisters which will disappear in a few days. The technician may prescribe sun-blocks or healing creams to heal the area. Apply these liberally and stay well.

2) Laser treatment may not be as effective on blonde, light colored, grey, white or red colored hair and is most effective on dark colored hair.

3) The skin may feel a little tender to touch after laser treatment and a numbing cream may provide relief in this discomfort.

4) The skin that has undergone strong light rays may develop bumps, redness and swelling for about three days. Steroidal or topical applications are often recommended to reduce swelling.

5) The hair will keep falling till about two weeks so be patient.

6) There may be re-growth of hair in some patients so they may have to undergo laser treatment after few years.

7) The patient is warned not to puncture blisters if they show up. Ice packs, steroids and cooling creams will settle the inflamed skin.

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