jewellery safety tips to prevent damage and loss

Jewellery Safety Tips To Prevent Damage And Loss

How many of you get emotional seeing jewellery lost or damaged? Jewellery stays near to our hearts. It feels really bad when we see them damaged or vanished. It feels like the guilt of not taking care of it properly. If you have already lost your favourite ring or the necklace you wore last night is tangled. Believe us, we can feel you. That is why we are here with this blog to tell you jewelry safety tips. 

How To Prevent Jewellery From Damage Or Getting Lost?

Our jewellery needs care too. Show the love you have for them, pamper them with your care. If you want your gems to stay long with you, make sure you are doing the following activities to prevent them from damage.

1. Remove While Swimming

Jewellery is made of metals that can not handle salt and chlorine. It can easily get fade the colour and erode its polishing and finishing. Moreover, in the cold swimming pools, your fingers start to shrink so the ring could easily slip off your finger until you realise it will be gone.

Remove While Swimming

2. Do Not Give Sunlight Exposure

Metals are the natural elements that easily get bleached with direct sunlight exposure. Ultraviolet lights can deteriorate your piece of jewellery, it may get structural problems as well. You may experience discolouration due to the sunlight. 

Moreover, do not store your treasure where direct sunlight comes in. It can also deplete the quality of your precious gems.

3. Take Off Jewellery Before Applying Sunscreen And Bug Spray

If someone says that sunscreen has a chemical that damages the jewellery so it generally depends on the quality of it. If you have organic sunscreens and lotions, it may not hamper your jewellery because of the ingredients but they can still harm your jewellery otherwise. 

Sunscreens, lotions, and oils contain contents that make them sticky, so unwanted substances can stick to your jewellery which can lead to discolouration. 

Take Off Jewellery

4. Do Not Wear Jewellery In Hot Tub

If you have a gold pendant and ring which you are comfortable wearing all the time, make sure you remove it before going for a hot shower or in the hot tub. 

The hot temperature of the water can permanently damage or discolour the gold jewellery. Of course, you will not like your expensive gold piece to be damaged due to a hot shower, so take care.

5. Clean Your Jewellery Regularly

Cleanliness is essential for everyone and everything. So as for jewellery. If you wear some piece of jewellery regularly, you should clean them at least once a month. 

If it is occasional jewellery, it is better you get it washed by the jeweller before wearing it or at least once in a season to protect your jewellery from damage. 

Woman holding a golden floral bijouterie Free Photo

6. Avoid Wearing Jewellery In The Sand (or Gardening)

Your jewellery can be critically damaged due to dust particles and the small rocks present in the sand and mud. Moreover, wearing jewellery could be uncomfortable during gardening.

Still, if you do not have any choice. You should wear gloves before putting your hands into sand or mud.

7. Get Your Jewellery Insured

We understand that you have an emotional attachment with your gems and if they get damaged so your sentimental reaction could be justified. However, there is another significant factor that could be terrible too. That is its monetary value. 

Pure metal jewellery comes really expensive. Most of the middle-class families literally save each penny of their hard-earned money to get one. So it is important that you get your jewellery insured to stay secured from its financial aspect. 

Get Your Jewellery Insured

8. Keep An Eye On Jewellery Vulnerabilities

A tangled necklace, distorted bracelet and loose gem could be a sign that your jewellery needs a doctor (a jeweller) :P. If you ignore these signs you may have to lose your favourite piece of jewellery. Which could be heartbreaking too. 

9. Keep Them Safe While Travelling

Make sure to not pack expensive jewellery in the check-in luggage. Keep it with you in your handbag at a secluded place. Do not roam unnecessarily with your valuables. Keep them in the hotel room safe.

Let us tell you if you do not know. Hotel staff keep an extra key with them. So, do not tell many people even in the hotel management staff that you are carrying some expensive jewellery with you. 

Keep Them Safe While Travelling

10. Protect Your Jewellery In Public Places

Jewellery thefts are quite common in public places. Do not wear unnecessary jewellery when it is too crowded. Make sure you are wearing them properly and they are not loose on your skin to get easily snatched. 

Get everyone’s attention with your jewellery collection but make sure to not flaunt a lot so the thieves keep their eyes on you.


It is important to take care of valuable belongings not only from thieves but also from yourself. You may get into the pool with your expensive gold ring or precious platinum necklace which could be damaged or get faded due to the presence of chlorine. Moreover, wearing jewellery while gardening or playing in the sand is not recommended too, as it can erode your gems. Avoid wearing most of it unnecessarily and take them to the jeweller for regular maintenance so they last long. We hope these jewellery safety tips will be helpful to you. 

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