is there a roof leak – prevent your roof leaks with commercial roofing?

Is There a Roof Leak – Prevent your Roof Leaks with Commercial Roofing?

People will flat roofs often complain of leaks. This is a common occurrence in every worn out, depleted old roof. A person owning a commercial or residential building may sometime in the future face a roof leak and demand repairs to make the building roof leak proof. The only option here is to replace roof or prevent water from penetrating into basic structure of building.

There are a large number of extensions and protrusions in a commercial building like ventilation systems, chimneys, smoke stacks, mechanical wirings, pipes, roof entrance and skylights. These obstacles need expert handling and can be dealt with only by a professional roofer. A new commercial roof or repair to a leaking roof can be mended, restructured and completed in no time with right tools, equipment, materials and know-how. Online searches and telephone directories provide a huge list of roofers who are experts at their jobs. Just research a roofer who has the knowledge, expertise, experience to deal with commercial roofs and gather professionals to make a new roof.

Roof Leak – Repair & Prevention

This situation is typical if water on roof does not run off and keeps collecting on it. Many times collected water finds small breaks in surface of roof and starts to seep into building. If this is left untreated for a long time, damage to building maybe permanent. You need to carefully study roof structure and the substrate it is made of, to recognise alternatives to be used. Commercial roofing Los Angeles will prevent interiors from getting damaged and roof from leaking.


Reasons for leakage:-

1) Houses located in a harsh weather area or environment

2) When roof level is uneven and water starts to collect on roof tops. This can cause quicker wear and tear.

3) Old depleted roofs

Ways of getting roofs fixed:

You need to get rooftops updated and fix leakage problem pronto. There are many options for commercial roofing Los Angeles. The roofs can be coated with acrylic, aluminium and silicone. These are made into liquid form and then applied on surface of roof. Just get roof substrate examined and assessed for proper roof treatment.

Gravel and Hot tar treatment:-

If you want a good fire retardant then gravel and hot tar is the answer. A reasonable way out for your roof definitely, though it is heavy. Prior to this treatment the roof structure has to be reinforced to bear the weight of treatment.

Metal is also used to make the roofs leak proof and it stays strong for about 30 -35 years. Tin-steel alloys have been used extensively in the past and sometimes alloy is prepared out of copper as well. Nowadays aluminium is choice of building industry because it promises a stay of almost 30 years.


Liquid rubber coatings or EPDM Liquid coatings are lasting and slowly gaining in popularity with construction people. Many contractors recommend “recycled material created environment friendly” EPDM as commercial roofing material because of its longevity, reasonable price, quick application and durability.

Imagine if you are a restaurant owner who has oodles of additional machinery and gadgets strewn in the roof, can an ordinary construction professional deal with a leaking roof with such hindrances spread around? Maybe not, it’s the experts who are in demand here! Roof repair is aimed at halting leakage and maintaining an aesthetic appeal of the building as well. So save money and hire right man for the job. Be careful about preserving the environment and leaving it clean and green.

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